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An Addicting Strategy Game

rhandyrhoads | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

I had heard of this game from one of my friends and he had told me of how addicting it is. I didn't know what he meant until I opened it. Immediately I was amazed (and a bit intimidated) by all the possibilities and different ways to win. Essentially in the game you can create an empire and win through conquest, knowledge, or diplomacy. The game has good textures, but they aren't top notch. However this game doesn't require immersive graphics. When opening a saved game, even on a very powerful computer it will take a while to reload some tiles, however I have not tried installing it on an SSD. At first the game seems flawless. However eventually you start to find some problems. Automated workers will not clean nuclear fallout which can make nuclear wars even more complicated. In addition planes and missiles can easily be lost if you don't constantly move them or tell them to do nothing for one turn if they are not on a carrier. Once you start exploring the world it can also be very hard to keep track of your automated explorers. Despite these problems I still think this may be the best strategy game ever made.