Reviews by rickyeatos


Best game i ever play in a long time

rickyeatos | Sept. 8, 2015 | Review of Life is Strange Complete Season Episodes 15 - PC

I love to play games like this one, i bought it with full price the complete season and i can say this is one of the games which is worth every cent spend, don't wait until deals and buy it now, Square Enix really did a great job with this game and i also can say this game alone can Knock out all the games from telltale games (if you like them, you will like this one), the graphics and atmosphere are fantastic, the soundtrack of the game is touching, the gameplay is enjoyable with various puzzles and you can take pictures in-game to earn the collectables achievements. And a history which will trap you for a long time. the only thing bad in the game is the voice of the characters, almost everyone are annoying.


Excelent game, but watch the show first

rickyeatos | Sept. 8, 2015 | Review of Game of Thrones A Telltale Games Series - PC

This game really surprise me, i never watched the game of thrones but has a fan of telltale games, i give this game a try and it was really worth it, bad thing was i didn't understand why everything was so broken at the first episode. the graphics are really good in my opinion and also the voices of the characters. some from the original show it's something very epic when you can interact with them This is a very enjoyable game, even if you don't see the show. but i'll recommend you do it before playing. it will have more emotion


Addictive. you will lose your sense of time

rickyeatos | June 10, 2014 | Review of Super Sanctum TD - PC

I grab this game from the super sanctum TD promo and i decide to give him a chance to see how the game is. when i finish playing him i realize it was like 5 hours later (and my plan was just testing him for 10 minutes). if you want to play this game. don't do it unless you have some kind of alarm or a total free week of everything. you will lose all the sense of time when you play this. just you... one map full of empty spaces when you must place a different selection of towers to defend your sentry core from and whole army of bad guys that will spawn by waves. you will earn credits to buy more towers and you must place them in strategic places to try block the enemy's advance and in case of emergency you also can drop to the enemy's a different selection of special powers like a explosion or just teleport them a few steps back to make some time. very addictive, very good game and for very cheap


what the goats did i just play?

rickyeatos | May 6, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

ok... you are a goat and you can destroy everything with just your presence. the game is also full of bugs everywhere which can make you even mad or laugh very hard mostly when our goat starts to make a weird buggy break dance. the game is really bad... very funny in the first hours but after that, he really stars to be a little borring


One of a kind

rickyeatos | May 6, 2014 | Review of Final Fantasy VIII - PC

The game still have that magic to keep the fan happy, a complete rpg mode with magic junctions in the basic stats of every characters can mean the different between win or die. you can earn this magic by drawing them from your enemy's, extraction points and with skills of your G.F. the game have a classic battle in turns system but the kind of skills and things you can make to hurt your enemy's is very unique, the GF can help you a lot not just for they devastating attacks but by they skills which can grant your characters with special commands in battle like health the status of a poisoned team mate or steal a item from your enemy's or even better they can make you more strong by adding a 30% of a stat or grant you with auto-haste to be more fast than your enemy's the graphics even when the game is really old. it's not a problem for ff VIII because he has one of the best graphics of the play station 1 and with the most epic intros and cut scenes you can ever see in others play stations 1 titles. (in my opinion this game is a complete play station 2 title) the music, even when i see a lot of bad reviews for this game on steam exactly for the music, this can't stop you to still have a lot of fun with this game. or at least i didn't even notice the music is a bit different from the original. Best game play, all a world to explore and secrets to discover. The mini game most addictive is the cards game when you can find a card of all the monsters in the game, GF, bosses and of course the cards of your characters and finally, the best story ever made for a game of the play station 1. this game is one of a kind in the ff titles. no matter in what console or pc you play it. you will enjoy it.