Reviews by riezvi


Forever Unforgettable

riezvi | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a first-person game with a unique role-play element, thus made it a unique ARPG game. The game relied heavily on cover system IF you are playing as a hot blood gunner. However Deus Ex offers alternatives such as stealth to neutralize your enemies, hacking through computers and security networks, and social quests. A truly beautiful storyline with a multiple choices of action to freely control your own story and character progress, I can say that this game have what it takes to become a masterpiece and forever unforgettable.


New Features is a BOMB!

riezvi | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

I am quite sad when I heard the news for the new Batman game, timeline setting is years even before Arkham Asylum. But when I checked around for the game new features, it's wonderful. I am not going to talk about the combat system, sure it is not much improvement on that section but still enjoyable. You can feel and role played being a Batman with a quite unique sensation from this game. The new Detective Mode made me feel like a Batman himself. All those monologue on crime scene investigation, great technology that can rewind the crime based on evidences, wow.... I only hope that at least there is more case files for this Detective Mode. There is a lot of crime alerts around the city which occurs randomly which you can choose: handle it or just ignore it. You can fly around Gotham to reach the crime scene and teach those bad guys how it feel to face the Dark Knight. Side Missions is also great, disturb operation of Penguin, destroy stuff belongs to criminals, saving people, etc. Even though you finish the main story, you will still come back for more and more for side missions, investigation, or even just flying around the town and waiting for crime alerts. The biggest improvement here is from online mode. I played it from time to time and I personally think development team did a good job here. It is only on online mode, where you can fight Batman and Robin as a bad guy. The place where you can outsmart them, where you prove that you are better than the Dark Knight. When you get enough points, you can play as Bane or Joker for a short time. And believe me, those who play as Heroes will run away and you can feel another unique sensation of playing this game.