Reviews by roadman


Cute little game with a unique art style

roadman | June 7, 2013 | Review of PID (1) - PC

I got a bundle around a few months ago, mainly for this game. It has an extremely atmospheric setting, with a nice touch of creativity. The enemies have simple paths that you can intercept, and destroy your robotic enemies. There are different kinds of npcs that you can meet on your way from your planetary bus stop to back on earth and they'll probably help you or lead you to a good set of items. The graphics are simply wispy, dreamy, bright, and good. you have a cool beam that affects gravity. I'd say this game is definitely worth a buy if you have the money


Great little tower defense game

roadman | June 7, 2013 | Review of iBomber Defense Pacific - PC

I have played it for close to an hour when i was sick. It was a very pleasant game to play. You can place your turrets almost any where around a coastline, road,etc. Great little TD that I recommend you buy, but maybe wait for a sale to get it. You can upgrade your cool machine gun or bomb turret to do more damage and look powerful. The animation is executed well. The game's graphics are bright and colorful for possibly killing people in cars, tanks, and submarines. The explosion are pretty good. Good game if you're into TD games, this game has a 2d top view of the map.


Great Game

roadman | June 7, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Steam - PC

It's a little bumpy to get into if you're used to hi res games, but this is a great game one you get into it. There is a lot of player choice, and the atmosphere is great.Many weapons, items, and ways to customize your main character, J.C. Denton. There are many ways to move around each level's environment, be it stealthily or Gung-ho. You could put tons of hours in this game and not be near the end game. It's still good and playable since its release in the 90's.There are many side quests to get into. The atmosphere is awesome, and it's truly immersive to hack into a computer and uncover emails, that reveals fraud, theft,etc. between two people or a whole group/company or industry.