Reviews by robbin505


Fun and Challenging

robbin505 | Feb. 1, 2014 | Review of Deadfall Adventures Deluxe Edition - PC

I really thought this was one off the best games of 2013. It really makes the player feel like an 80's action/adventure hero like Indiana Jones or Alain Quartermain. I thought the story and puzzles were fun and challenging. The guns felt great and the mechanics were good. I really feel like this is a game that doesn't hold your hand. I am so tired of corridor shooters that hold your hand and walk you through with lines, arrows, or flashing items. This game felt much more like Half-Life 2 in which you are thrown into a level and have to find your own way through. This game has mummies, Nazi's, Aztec gods and all of this is spread out around the world in different and unique locations. This game has some very nice graphics too if your PC can handle it. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good time.


Just Amazing

robbin505 | Feb. 13, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

There isn't enough I can say about this game. It is a wonderful stealth game set in a steampunk universe. This is a dark and gritty world full of betrayal and distrust. Plague ravages a population that is ruled by a rich oligarchy. Corvo, the personal body guard of the Queen is forced to watch as his love is killed and her daughter is kidnapped. To make things worse he is framed by the murderous military that staged the coup. The scene is set, now your time to shine. Equipped with powers and weapons you are thrust into a fight for the survival of the kingdom. With cunning and skill this first person action stealth game delivers on some of the best gameplay of 2012 and beyond. Take the time to explore this world and the game reveals so much more than is expected. Bethesda really set the stage for a new type of stealth experience and developer Arkane has a new IP that is bound for a sequel. The stunning graphics really pull the player into a world full of magic, mystery, and of course revenge. Because as we all know, revenge solves everything.