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The sequel

robertification | June 2, 2011 | Review of AIM 2 - PC

The question is of course: "Can this sequel beat the prequel?" The answer is slightly. The same charm this game had has disappeared, as the graphics increased. There is a bigger game world, more weapons, more vehicles and a complete new trading system. It has become a harder, prettier, sophisticated game, with not the same charm as before, but more raw action. Definitely buy if you don't own part one, if you do, reconsider for a second...



robertification | June 2, 2011 | Review of AIM - PC

This game has been astonishingly made, with a bit cartoonish graphics, good graphics. The AI is superintelligent, so you're going to have a hard time beating it. You are a android robot in a world where humans have been wiped out by the robots. You're sitting on some kind of anti-gravity aircraft and flying over the planet. A planet is huge, so that means that also the game worlds are gigantic. There are many types of weapons and vehicles, so you won't get bored there. There's even room to upgrade them... Bottom line, this is a great game, so support the developers and buy this awesome game.



robertification | June 1, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Denmark - PC

This is one of the dlcs I was anxious of getting for Civilization. As soon as the game came out, I knew I could one day play as the vikings. With this dlc it is finally possible, I mean, who wouldn't like to play as vikings? This may even be the best Civilization V dlc out there, so if you haven't bought one before, you should start here...



robertification | June 1, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Explorers Map Pack - PC

This is an astonishing addition to the game, as it includes real world scenarios.. This means that you can play your favorite real time strategy game in real historical locations. What's there not to like, right? Well, the only thing you'd might hate is the price, as it is a bit much for this dlc, but it's one of great quality nonetheless.



robertification | June 1, 2011 | Review of UFO Extraterrestrials GOLD Edition - PC

This is really a very awful game, and it looks like it's been made in 2003. It's certainly not worth the price at all, and offers nothing special from the mainstream games. It's a real time strategy game where you can control extraterrestrials, UFO's, humans, tanks and even more. The idea is quite great, but the poor graphics and mediocre game play ruin the game completely for me. You should make your own decision of course, but I wouldn't recommend you this game at all.


Order of war

robertification | June 1, 2011 | Review of Order of War - PC

I must say, I had my doubts when buying this game, but they turned out to be completely unnecessary . This is such a great game, that I've been playing it almost 24/7 for the last week. The game style would remind you a bit of Total War, but this game offers a much more intense experience. It's set in World War 2 , so you've got quite the arsenal of weapons, tanks, airplanes etc. There is a Skirmish mode, deathmatch and hardcore mode. Furthermore there's a multi-player and two campaigns. This game doesn't get old, no matter how often you play it. Therefore I can recommend this astonishing game to anyone as a certain must-buy.



robertification | May 29, 2011 | Review of Horse Racing Manager - PC

This game is simply amazing, you can choose from various modes to play. The first is coach, where you are the coach of a jockey and you can manage the training, the horse etc. The second is betting mode, were you can bet on a horse and win money when it wins The third mode is the best mode, where you are the manager of a stable, and you have to buy horses, sell horses, feed them build stables etc. Overall this is a great game with huge complex possibilities, definitely buy this one.



robertification | May 20, 2011 | Review of Chernobyl Terrorist Attack - PC

This is one of the worst first person shooters I have ever played, so don't get distracted by the title. The graphics are mediocre, the gameplay laggy and buggy, and there are no more than eleven levels, so you'll be finished quite soon, which is a good thing in this game I tell you. But I've got to hand it to this game, the explosions and environmental effects are pretty nice. They really give you the idea that you're in a war. Of course that's not a reason to buy the game. So just reconsider before buying this, so you won't buy a game you don't like.



robertification | May 17, 2011 | Review of Magicka Wizards Survival Kit DLC - PC

Although this is a fun attribute to Magicka, it isn't that very useful. Why you might ask? Well, that's because the wizard's hat, sharp sword and staff are just temporary items, once you lose them once, you lose them forever. Meteor shower is a Magick that is kind of fun of course, as is the new wizard outfit included. It is after all, only 99 cents, so I'd definitely recommend it.


Arrgh I be a pirate

robertification | May 12, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

As probably one of the most famous ( and one of the few ) pirate games, sid meiers pirates is a hell of lot fun, except for the dated graphics and the gameplay, that is not that great. There are lots of battles, gambling games, quests and minigames that make this game still fun to play. It's a game that's not for everyone, so just take a good look at the game if you know someone that owns it before you buy it.


You are the leader...

robertification | May 12, 2011 | Review of RUSE - PC

If you've always wanted to control an army of soldiers, with tanks, paratroopers, helicopters and many more units in a war, this is your game. With beautiful graphics, smooth and easy gameplay and interesting missions this is a game any real time strategy fan should buy. There is even a skirmish mode in which you can freely choose the battle conditions and your enemies, which makes sure you're going to keep playing this game for a long time...


Magicka zombie mode

robertification | April 27, 2011 | Review of Magicka Marshlands DLC - PC

If you love magicka, and have magicka vietnam too, this is the perfect next dlc to buy! It features new challenge maps to play alone or with your friends against the undead! It's everything Magicka is, so it's fun to play and doesn't get boring. I'd say this is a definite must-buy for Magicka fans!


Raven squad

robertification | April 24, 2011 | Review of Raven Squad Operation Hidden Dagger - PC

What do you get if you combine a real time strategy game with a first person shooter? This abomination is the answer. It doesn't convince in either one of the genres, as the first person shooter part isn't smooth enough, the graphics mediocre, and the story boring. The real time strategy part can be fun from time to time, but this mainly is a shooter, so you'll be quite dissapointed if you're going to buy this game for the latter...


another expansion

robertification | April 24, 2011 | Review of Theatre of War 2 Kursk 1943 - PC

Although I still keep wondering why they bring out so many expansions, instead of just releasing them in the original game, I still bought this one, as I'm a huge fan of Theatre of War. There is not much variety as opposed to the basic game, but it's still a whole lot fun to play. I definitely recommend anyone with the original game to buy this, and anyone without to buy the original game...



robertification | April 24, 2011 | Review of Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943 - PC

Don't expect much difference from the original game, but that's quite logical of course, as this is an expansion. If you loved theatre of war 2, then you simply have to buy this expansion. It brings over 50 extra vehicles, 30 extra buildings en even 15 missions... So just definitely buy this if you're a fan of theatre of war, and if you're not, you shouldn't, as this is still the same game.



robertification | April 24, 2011 | Review of Patrician IV - PC

I've always adored the whole patrician series, so I bought this one on day one of course. Besides the fact it isn't really that different from its predecessors, it's still a solid and balanced game, with beautiful graphics and some very funny humor. Therefore I can recommend this game to anyone that like real time strategy games, and anyone who doesn't particularly anticipate in this kind of game..


Better than part one?

robertification | April 24, 2011 | Review of Darkness Within 2 The Dark Lineage - PC

When there's a sequel to one of the best point and click games of all time, you might wonder whether it's better or not. Well, to come directly to the point, it is. The graphics are simply stunning, and your possibilities, the things you can inspect, have firmly increased. There is a completely new mystery for you to solve, with of course the known difficulty levels as in part one. It's a good thing they're using a brand new engine for this game, as it is just beautiful.


A beauty

robertification | April 24, 2011 | Review of Darkness Within In Pursuit of Loath Nolder - PC

This game is really a beauty. There aren't many games in its genre that are better than this one. This game is a point and click adventure, with many challenging puzzles and a 360 degree area to look around in. In this part, the pursuit of Loath Nolder, you have to find out who murdered Clark Field, who of course was very rich. What also makes this game very accessible is the fact that you can choose a degree of difficulty. This way, when the game's too easy you can try to take it up a notch, and when it's too difficult you decrease the difficulty.



robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Terrorist Takedown Covert Operations - PC

Although this game is only 5 bucks, it's one hell of a great shooter. There's a gigantic variety of different weapons, even a crossbow, and the gameplay is almost half life-like. Your goal is to rescue some hostages, being held captive somewhere in the jungle. You can choose which way you'd like to make your way through the jungle... you can go with a sniper and a knife, or with explosives and blast your way through, or just with your rifle. It's also very addictive to play this game over and over, but with different tactics every time. I promise you won't get bored with this game very soon...


Heli of a lot fun.

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Red Shark - PC

As you might not understand the joke in the title, I'll tell you what this game's about. You are the pilot of a helicopter and have to try to alter history for the better. The graphics could be better, but the gameplay is so much fun, you'll take it for granted. It's fascinating to wonder how history could have been, by just playing this game. There's not very much to it, but it's a great game and definitely worth buying.


Not worth the money

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Irukandji - PC

Although score attack shooters can be quite fun and addictive, this one certainly isn't. Although there are various kinds of ships to unlock, there are online ten achievements and there is only one "map". You have to get the highest score possible, and in the end you will have to defeat some kind of huge crab-like creature. Once you won, your score is posted on the online score board, and you can start all over again, hopefully for a better score. This game is fun, don't get me wrong here, but I feel like it's not worth the price, that's all.


One of the best

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of IL2 Sturmovik 1946 - PC

This is definitely one of the best aviation games out there. The gameplay is great, controls smooth and graphics stunning. There's much variety as you can fly many airplanes, and fly through various large maps. There are even nine campaigns, so you won't get bored very fast when you're playing this game. There is even customization that exceeds your imagination. Although the multiplayer still needs some work, it's a great start.


I want to conquer them all!

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Star Ruler - PC

I'm a huge fan of games where you have to conquer planets or lands. I was also very enthusiastic when I saw this game. Your goal is to use various weapons, space ships and technology to conquer the universe. You can either explore, destroy or seize all the planets, asteroids and much more things you encounter. There are updates on the way so that means you'll get an almost infinite universe to play in, and that makes this to one of the best games of its kind. The graphics look amazing, and the only thing worth tweaking would be the controls, which are still a bit clumsy.


They came from the skies, but crashed down...

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of They Came From The Skies - PC

The first thing you'll notice in this game is the disturbingly awful graphics and the mediocre gameplay. Your goal is to defend earth and the entire human race, by trying to fight off an alien invasion. Although you can upgrade your ships and choose from different aircrafts, the game doesn't quite manage to hold on the thrill. Not one of the best aviation games.


You have to be a golf fan...

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Leaderboard Golf - PC

You have to be a golf fan to like this game, as the graphics are disappointing and the gameplay isn't as smooth as you'd want it to be. The only satisfaction you could probably get out of this game, is maybe decreasing your handicap. That's probably all the fun you're going to get in this game, so if you don't like golf, I suggest you look elsewhere, and if you do, you still should think twice before purchasing.


could be better...

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Hostile Makeover - PC

The famous Amanda Manville has been brutally murdered, and it's up to you as Lacey to solve the crime. You have interrogate the witnesses and suspects. You have to look around for clues and other signs that may lead to the culprit. It is a very short game, and you'll be quickly finished. The game is fun though, but you probably won't ever play it again.



robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Shaman Odysee - PC

Your tribe lives on a tropical island, with fantasy-like buildings and other great stuff. You have to defend you island from pirates, sharks and even storms and tornadoes. You have to manage your island, and try to keep your enemies as far away as possible. This game is fun, although it does get boring after having played it for a while.


Fun to play

robertification | April 12, 2011 | Review of Kings Legacy - PC

Although the graphics are not spectacular, as stated above, it's still a great game. You're the king of an empire, and need to build houses, cities or even castles. You have to conquer various enemies, and you can even learn magic. The achievements make you try things you wouldn't try otherwise, and it doesn't get boring very fast. I definitely recommend this game.


Waste of money

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Medieval Battlefields - PC

This game is truly a waste of money. The graphics are mediocre, the gameplay boring and there's no variety at all. But there is an upside to this, as you can play this game with you computer versus an Ipod, Iphone or Ipad. If you have someone who also owns this game on his handheld device, this is definitely worth buying, as you'll have lots of fun. But if you don't, I don't think you'll have much fun playing it.


Addictive and cheap

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Earth 2160 - PC

I have never before seen this great kind of game for such a bargain. The game has 4 singleplayer campaigns and 4 multiplayer modes. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is great, with some beautiful environments. This game offers a huge variety, with even a world editor. I can't name a single downside of this game. Buy, I say.


Fun if you like tennis

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of International Tennis Pro - PC

If you don't like tennis, you won't like a tennis game, I think that goes without saying, but if you like tennis you won't be disappointed with this game. You can edit your own personal tennis pro, play tournaments, play online or just do quick match. The graphics are modest, but the gameplay smooth. Therefore this game stays fun, especially when you play it with friends or family.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of KrissX - PC

This is kind of a challenging game, as you have to hustle "mumbo-jumbo" words to get actual words. After you finished the quite short quest mode, there is of course a time attack mode, in which you can get high scores. Your family will try to beat them, so you will then again try to beat them. In the end you end up playing it more than you'd have wanted. A great upside in this game is that every game is different, as the words are always different, this makes this game to one that you'll play for many hours. Definitely buy!


unbelievably dull

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Golden Age of Racing - PC

This game breaks all records on the account of boredom it recreates. Awful graphics, variety as good as none, and terrible gameplay are a few things that you will find in this game. There aren't many good things to say about this game, although there is a split-screen mode that makes the game fun to play with friends.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Herods Lost Tomb - PC

It's a point and click game, a game genre with mostly boring and uninteresting games. Is this one any different? A bit. The game has some very hard puzzles, but the searching of the items is still anything but interesting. For this price though, you can't really complain. After all, it's still fun to play, as are all point and click games. The not so very strong story behind this game is to unravel the secrets of Herods tomb.


Funny but awful

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Heracles Battle with the Gods - PC

If you're looking for a good platformer, this is not your game. If you're looking for a good 3d platformer, you are closer, but it probably still won't be your game. This game has unbelievably ugly graphics, and the gameplay is anything but smooth. The story line is very poor thought of and there's almost no variety at all. The conversations between the characters are quite funny though, but that of course is no reason to buy a game. Not recommendable at all.


Humor required.

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Mole Control - PC

This is a game with a quite silly but amusing story. Some kind of villain has managed to let all the moles in your lovely little village go berserk, and it's up to you to stop him and the moles. In a funny way you have to fly over laps of ground and mark which laps don't have moles and also find out which laps do. When you completed the adventure mode, more modes like time attack will be unlucked. There is a number of maps, so the game doesn't get boring very fast. So if you're looking for a fun game, or a complete new addiction for the family, this is where you won't get dissapointed!


More more more!

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Fluttabyes - PC

My sister bought this game the other day, and after a while she even convinced me to play it. I found instead of boredom a very interesting and addictive game. There is a survival mode, which adds the element of time pressure to the game, and of course a relaxing endless mode, with no pressure at all. There's not much variety in the game, but the game still remains hard to put down, as you want to keep increasing your high scores. Therefore this game is, certainly for this prize, a game you can't go wrong with.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace - PC

Although point and click games can be quite fun, most of them get boring quite fast. This one is no exception. The goal of the game is to find the items displayed in various rooms. This game has some interesting facts to try to keep the game alive, but inevitably fails and after a few hours the game gets repetitive and boring.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of 7 Wonders II - PC

My brother had bought this game on his nintendo ds, but unfortunately didn't get the chance to play it that often, as I was playing it the whole time. This addictive puzzle game is fun for the whole family, as you get dragged into it, just to break the highscore. It looks a bit like bejeweled, but it has some interesting historical knowledge, and many levels to play. The power-ups keep the variety in the game. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy this game!


Better still

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Combat Wings Battle of Britain - PC

I have played aviation games as long as I can remember, and so when Combat Wings: Battle of Britain came out, I was of course enthusiastic, but a bit skeptical too. I convinced myself that it would be great, and haven't looked back since. This game is one of the best of its kind, with modest graphics, but great gameplay with smooth controls. I never get bored with it, and after work I take my aeroplane for another spin. I definitely recommend this game to everyone.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Combat Wings - PC

I'm a fan of aviation, and I believe flying gives a sense of freedom and accomplishment, and that's exactly is all about. The controls are smooth, the environments quite fun. It takes some getting used to, and lots of practice, but when play the game enough, you get skilled. Eventually, you will even have the ability to finish the game on the hardest difficulty. I'd say, besides the mediocre graphics, this game is still a must-buy.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Battlestrike The Road to Berlin - PC

This game started to bore from the first second I played it. The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is awful. The other parts of battlestrike were already the worst I've ever played, but this one beats them all in terms of "awfulness". You have to once more defeat the Nazi's, but the problem is that the game has such low system requirements, even a computer from 2000 could play it. It doesn't recreate any good form of nostalgia at all. There are more environments and weapons than in the other parts, so that's a good thing, but it s still one of the worst of its kind.


What a horror

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Battlestrike Force of Resistance - PC

This is one of the most awful first person shooters I have ever had the displeasure of playing. It almost flawlessly copies Call of Duty, but in the worst kind of way. The graphics are awful, the gameplay dull and boring. There's not much variety too, but for this price you can't complain I guess. Your goal is, what a surprise, to defeat the Nazi's, in only 8 boring maps. The enemy AI is very low, they're very easy to kill, even on the hardest difficulty. Bottom line, if you like shooters, I doubt if you're going to like this one. I suggest you keep looking.



robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of High School Dreams - PC

My girlfriend bought this game yesterday, and although I was sceptical at first, it turned out to be a quite fun game. You are a teenage girl and you need to make as much friends as possible , by being yourself, dressing up, and going on dates with lots of boys. Although the graphics aren't that great, it's still a great game to play when you're bored. It's not very expensive, so I reccomend everyone to reconsider twice before turning this one down.


Has potential

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Theatre of War 3 Korea - PC

If you like strategy games, then you won´t be dissapointed when buying Theatre of War. It has some nice features, and the graphics are beautiful. Furthermore there's much space for a personal touch, with much variety in the gameplay. Of course there are better games in this genre, I think that's a fact, but for this price I don't think you will be dissapointed, as you'll find a very fun game, once you purchase it.


Worth it if you play Civilization all the time

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II - PC

If you're an addict like me, and play Civilization V all the time, then this babylon pack is definitely worth buying. You can rule as Nebuchadnezzar II, and most of you might wonder, why would I want that? The answer is quite simple, the Babylonian civilization is the most scientifically evolved one. You will be able to think of many original weaponry, defenses and ships, so you won't be dissapointed.


This is great

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Civilization and Scenario Pack Polynesia - PC

Civilization V is one of the best games of its kind, but what is there to expect from its downloadable content? The answer is the same, in this dlc you need to become the most powerful culture in Polynesia among four kingdoms. You will have the possibility to fight with Maori warriors, Maoi statues and the ability to embark on ocean tiles from the start of the game. Bottom line, for such a small amount of money, it is definitely worth buying.


Not worth it

robertification | April 11, 2011 | Review of Trapped Dead - PC

I love zombie-shooters, and although the slightly cartoonish style is kind of amusing, it still gets boring quite fast. The graphics aren't that great and it isn't first person, but you watch from above. There are good things too, though, the maps for instant have a huge variety, and the gameplay is great. But if you're looking for a decent, or even addictive zombie shooter, I suggest you buy left 4 dead (2), which does everything this shooter tries, but better.



robertification | April 10, 2011 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

This is one of the best role-playing games out there. I've always been a fan of rpg's, but most of them don't get to me as Two worlds. I then get bored, and never play it again. But this game, it's simply divine. It never gets boring, there's always a variety of interesting stuff to do, and it has some frustrating hard parts. But once you've managed to beat them, it leaves a great feeling of accomplishment. I can honestly recommend this game to everyone, and I hope to see you online.


Fun, but...

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

This game is just as Assassins creed II and Assassins Creed Brotherhood fun, with nice free running and good gameplay. However, and this is my personal opinion, I speak out of experience, I always get bored with any assassins creed game after an hour or 6. I'm not saying this applies to everyone, but you should seriously consider if you will still like this game on the long term. I don't think this game is any worse than the sequels. The only worse thing are the graphics, which are slightly worse. But for this price, you can't really complain actually.



robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Lost Secrets The Bermuda Triangle - PC

This game confirms the stereotype of point and click games. It is a boring game, with an unappealing storyline and too easy puzzles. It's nothing but looking for the items you need to find and going on to the next room. Definitely NOT worth your money. There are many games of this genre that are worth buying, so you shouldn't give up on this genre just yet.


Run run run, fun fun fun

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Sonic the Hedgehog - PC

It's Dr. Robotnik! It's Sonic! This is sonic good old fashion style. Fun gameplay, graphics are better than you'd expect. The game is sometimes quite hard, but if you keep trying, you'll eventually pass. I've played this game 5 times through, and it's still fun. I will keep recommending this game to anyone I know, and therefore it's a must-buy!


One of the best of its kind

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Dracula 3 Path of the Dragon - PC

This is one of the best point and click game of its kind. You try to figure out an ancient mystery in a far village somewhere in Transylvania. The game even has some "frightening" moments, and the puzzles are anything but easy. The puzzles are quite hard and even I have to admit I sometimes looked up on the internet what I had to do. Nonetheless it was a very fun game, nice graphics and a well thought storyline. Definitely buy.


Not my kind of game...

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Sonic Spinball - PC

Although I'm sure many people will enjoy this game, it's nothing for me. I didn't enjoy this game as much as I thought I would, (although I did finish it), and I don't think I'll play it through again. It was a fun ride, but I'm going back to my other sonic games..


Another fun sonic game

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Sonic 3D Blast - PC

Another fun sonic game this is. Although it seems like the same as the other sonic games, this game doesn't have as much similarities as you'd think. Once you won from Dr. Robotnik, there's still some accomplishment, although it isn't as hard as the other sonic games.


For running you must be cunning...

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Sonic 3 and Knuckles - PC

I can never get bored with sonic games, it seems the older they are, the better the game. Although it seems easy, this game has some hard parts in it, which keep the tension going, and make you feel awesome once you've managed to complete this game. I'd say this sonic game is a must-buy.


Definitely some potential..

robertification | April 9, 2011 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior - PC

I must say, I looked forward to buying this game, but I was dissapointed after the first few hours of playing it. This is a sniping game, so it started out as a lot of fun. Decent graphics, nice gameplay and so on. But the reason this game is so underrated, is because of the lack of decent AI . Sometimes they're as stupid as you can imagine, and way too easy to kill. And most of the time, they shoot you, while you can't even see them from a gigantic distance. It can get very frustrating dying, especially whilst playing on harder difficulties. The story was also very boring. This game had a lot of potential, but failed to make this a good game. Therefore, if you like sniping, you can better do it in a decent first person shooter, because this will be a letdown.