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Its an addictive and fun rpg action game.

robinvanvooren1 | April 17, 2014 | Review of Titan Quest Immortal Throne - PC

This game is amazing, the replayability, the skills, the maps. I have put in over 200 hours on this game and still play it. First the graphics are well done but not overly glitzy. The sound works well and does not lag or do those annoying loops. The combat is hack and slash (or spells). There are a lot of weapons and armor to find or buy if you save enough gold. You dont have a big party to rely on so think ahead, Its just you unless you have summoned something. The quests are logical and not a lot of back tracking like many games. I haven't found one glitch, crash, lag or sound problem. Its well worth the price, you will play it over and over.


A Must Have for Retro RPG gamers.

robinvanvooren1 | April 17, 2014 | Review of Might and Magic 6Pack NA - PC

First off these games are from the best RPG era and the graphics reflect that. The graphics are not like they are now but are very good. The sound is ok. It works good except I did have to do some changing of settings to get Might and Magic 1 to work. These games have wonderful storylines, that make sense. The combat is easy to learn. The skills and such are well thought out. There is a variety of classes and races to choose from. This is no monty hall game. You want gold you work for it. It a lot of fun. I found that the games worked well, no crashing, no glitching or lag. The sound was also good. It is such a value for all you get 6 classic fun retro RPG games!!


Awesome Series!

robinvanvooren1 | April 16, 2014 | Review of Laxius Force 3 - PC

I have all 3 Laxius Force games. I love this series, its fun. It doesn't get monotonous or have to do hours of grinding or running in circles to do quests. I love the larger print that is so easy on the eyes. I enjoy the games simple one handed control and that there is no rapid fire button pushing for anything. I can sit and enjoy the game without going insane;p The combat is turn based-i prefer this so i can think on what i want to do. The graphics are classic 8-bit era rpg style and there is no glitches, lag, crashes or sound errors.


A delight for a retro rpg gamer!

robinvanvooren1 | April 16, 2014 | Review of Laxius Force 2 - PC

I have high expectations from this series and this game does not disappoint. It plays great - no lag, no glitches, no crashes and no sound errors. The graphics are perfect for the 8-bit era and the combat is turn based and easy to learn. The story is cohesive but you dont have to play Laxius Force 1 to understand what is going on. Its well explained without being boring. I enjoy the larger print that is easy on the eyes and that it is easily played with only one hand. No rapid fire button pushing or maneuvering.


Wonderful game!!

robinvanvooren1 | April 16, 2014 | Review of Laxius Force - PC

I love retro rpgs and this one is a winner. Its fun, and easy to learn. I like the larger print-easy on the eyes and that I don't have to push six buttons rapid fire to do something. Its a game I can play easily one handed. The story is rich and well done, the sounds play great, the graphics are perfect for the 8-bit era and there is no glitches, lag or crashes. It plays perfectly.


One of my all time favorite games!!!

robinvanvooren1 | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

I first played this, when it came out. I love all the memories it brings. The game was well thought out. The storyline and quests intermesh well. The game grew more difficult as you progressed. The combat is turn inventive and fun. The graphics work well and so does the audio. I found no glitches or bugs in it. It has great replayablity! There is a vast number of things to discover and enjoy in this game. If you want hours of fun . This is a must have!!!