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Could Have Been Great

rpmartin20 | April 24, 2014 | Review of Viking Battle for Asgard - PC

Let me iterate something before I start, this game is far from BAD. It's more just bland. When this game was first announced, I was super excited. I had fallen in love with Rome:Total War on PC. And from the trailers, it looked like they took the huge battles of the Total War and put you in the very center of it as a Viking warrior. That just oozes awesome. Add in demons, dragons, and could it go wrong? Well... one thing they did right are the size of the battles. During a siege, you do see the battlefield covered with living soldiers or dead corpses. That does add an EPIC sense to the combat in terms of scope. The graphics are pretty good, nothing amazing but not horrible. And the controls are functional and responsive usually. Again, this game really isn't that bad. It just doesn't do anything astounding. And i mean that from back when i first played it as well as now. The stealth feels tacked on, the story is so BORING and feels like it was written the night before release. I didnt feel invested in any characters. While combat is serviceable, it becomes repetitive and unsatisfying. You look around at the huge battles and while they are ginormous, your fellow soldiers are hardly doing anything and barely any of the demons soldiers (the most prominent enemy) do anything during combat. There are a few varieties (heavy armor, giants, spellcasters that respawn enemies) but that hardly does anything for the battles. After the initial "HOLY S!@# LOOK AT ALL THE GUYS ON SCREEN" moment that the game offers, its really rinse and repeat after that. Which is unfortunate. I feel like if they had really worked on fleshing out the combat or even creating a MUCH better, less-stereotypical story, this game could be great. But if you have $4 burning a hole in your pocket during this sale, you could truly do A LOT worse if you want to give this a go.