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Refreshing, beautiful, and a little grindy

rsencarn | April 20, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Post - PC

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is a Square Enix reboot of its failed former foray back into the MMORPG scene. Its earlier iteration was a mess of bugs, missing features, and an altogether incomplete game that played like a labor of love endured by only the most hardcore FF fans. FFXIV: ARR has fixed the vast majority of issues that existed in its earlier incarnation. It is a solid MMO that any adherent to theme park MMO's such as WoW, SWTOR, or RIFT will find familiar and comfortable. It is by no means a groundbreaking originator in the genre. Those who enjoy Final Fantasy as a franchise will surely find their money well spent in the world of Eorzea. The levelling is streamlined and a smooth hand-holding experience. Quests are the usual fare in MMO settings - fetch quests, kill X of creature Y, and escorts. But the quality of the quests and lore behind them can reach the level of excitement and intrigue I have not experienced for quite a while in other MMO's. The instances are interesting and have some creative mechanics for boss encounters and trash alike. The endgame is challenging and expanding with each update. The game seems to get better with each patch.


Creepy atmosphere and solid gameplay

rsencarn | April 20, 2014 | Review of Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth - PC

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth brings you into the world of H.P. Lovecraft's novella "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". It is a solid FPS/Horror hybrid that relies on atmosphere, jump scares, and a consistent feeling of dread to conjure a gaming experience well worth the price. The graphical presentation is definitely dated but the mechanics are solid and provide for a challenging foray against the denizens of the deep. I recommend the game for its environment, lore, and consistent creepiness. In an age of regenerating health and reckless bullet-time battles, Call of Cthulhu offers a refreshing glimpse back into a time when story and atmosphere were the primary to play. In summation: Sequel when?