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The one and only

runnerx | April 1, 2015 | Review of Cities Skyline - PC

Its such a shame that this game genre has very little going for it. The last high profile city builder game was Simcity 2013 which was an utter failure for most people. Cities skylines has a lot of similarities with it and some might even call it a clone but for once its a clone that surpassed the original. Made by the developers of City in Motion it has a very similar interface to Simcity but with none of the hassle the last one brought such as always online ridiculous slow maps and other problems that couldn't be resolved such as traffic at the entrance of your cities. All that is resolved here and more will be added with the mod tools which the developers were smart to release with the game from the start. City size is enormous played for about 30 hours on the same map and still haven't unlocked all it seems. The transport system is very robust with the option to build highways, exit ramps roundabouts everything necessary to avoid congestion as much as possible. Public transport is also as good as it can be. The ability to create districts with various policies is a really good feature which i hope they will expand upon and add more. The only downside i noticed right now is that there's isn't enough building variety and the modular design from Simcity would have been good here as well. More like a minor complain cause this will no doubt will be fixed with mods and future dlc. Buy it what are you waiting for. It's not like there's any competition out there to begin with!


Big surprise

runnerx | Jan. 10, 2015 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor - PC

This game launched without much fanfare with many dismissing it as an assassin's creed/batman:arkham hybrid and with WB delaying the reviews till after the games launch made people very skeptic about this particular title. That said the game shows an impressive amount of polish which is unusual in this day and age for triple A games although against a pretty hefty hardware requirements. The mechanics of the game are rock solid. It emulates the arkham style of combat flawlessly and even shines in some respects better than that but what this game really had to offer was a new interesting mechanic called the nemesis system. What that offers is basically the ability to influence in a dynamic way the hierarchical society of the orks captains and warchiefs. Kill captains, make them fight on your side and help them around pit them against each other. Also when an orc kills you he gets promoted to captain and he will remember you making the whole death mechanic in this game interesting and fresh. The main story is hit or miss i personally found it okay but i guess some tolkien diehards might disagree with it. The story borrows heavily from the silmarillion as opossed to tolkiens more well known works. Voice acting is great to the point that when gollum appears in the game it sounds exactly as the one from the movies despite different actors(at least to my knowledge). This game surpassed my expectation in every way mainly cause i wasn't hyped as much(stop hyping your games!) and it definitely became my game of 2014.


The best installment in the series

runnerx | July 1, 2014 | Review of Sniper Elite 3 - PC

Anyone who played V2 knows exactly the problems that game had: small maps with tight crossing points, a fiddly stealth system that got more in the way and wasn't at all enjoyable and omniscient enemies who could often tell where you are after you fired a shot even from beyond a mile which was ridiculous. So how does Sniper Elite 3 work compared to it's predecessor? Well it took everything i said above that didn't work in the second game and actually fixed it! First the maps are huge this time around and you can approach them anyway you like for stealth or simply to go loud. The new mechanic of relocation means that you can fire two loud shots from a direction before the AI knows where you are at which point you have to move out of the area while the AI will go and search the area that the shots came from. The AI is still a mixed bag in this game. For example it will search for you if they find a body but if they don't find you they just return back to patrolling instead of sounding the alarm. They will sometimes spot you from odd angles as well but it happened to me less than in Sniper Elite V2. Multiplayer has nothing new going for it it's still the same old thing but somewhat made better by the new relocating mechanic which means players will camp less in one spot and move more around. Graphics wise it's not the most impressive but it is a good looking game nonetheless but it does suffer from some weird pop ins if you go with everything at high regardless of how powerful your machine is. The x-ray kill cam makes it's glorious return with improved visuals that will delight everyone who is fan of that mechanic. My conclusion? Despite the fact that Sniper Elite V2 was a mess at times i did enjoy it for what it was a dumb shooter but Sniper Elite 3 i truly enjoy it and while it's not perfect it is a satisfying game overall and one that will hopefully entertain you as well.


Best way to kill your accident

runnerx | May 29, 2014 | Review of Magicka Collection - PC

The game that was more of a college project has a lot of appeal from all the in game humor and references which no doubt any nerd will get at a glimpse. This game is very fun to play with others because of the way the spells in the game work which can affect and even kill your poor friends who tagged along with you. The game still has a few bugs here and there but nothing that i found game breaking. Overall it's a cheap and fun game to play and i totally recommend it.


Cram the people like sardines

runnerx | Dec. 27, 2013 | Review of Simcity Cities of Tomorrow - PC

So basically you build the megatowers(the main feature of the expansion) one level at a time adding housing, workspace, shops etc. until you reach the maximum amount of levels allowed. With 8 megatowers per city available that can significantly boost your city population something that you always struggled with in the base game. You also get new futuristic buildings like the academy or buildings that solve some of the problems your city previously had like excessive traffic pollution or lack of drinkable water. The expansion so far i found it pretty solid but the expansion didn't fix the biggest problem the game had in the first place: small maps. It's still just a struggle for space with every building you put down.



runnerx | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 POST - PC

I've been waiting for it for a good while. After finishing all the story and most side quests i got to say that it felt different then the previous games. It was still horror style that never went away but it focused more on action against human npcs as well something that was not in the first game and rare in the second. Also i don't recommend playing the game first on co op because it sure does ruin the horror aspect of the game. The crafting system was a great idea but the universal ammo was disappointing. Part of the fun from the previous games was to run out of ammo for your favorite gun only to be forced to use something you were not that comfortable with adding to the tension. Overall it's a good game but not as stellar as the previous ones.


It's back again.

runnerx | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 - PC

Well not much to say about the story nor is it any point in doing so. You snipe zombies end of story. However the gameplay is what always made me love this game series and is one of the games that i enjoy very much in coop with friends. Also it's not a full price released more like an expansion pack only without needing the original in order to play. Its good for its price.


The gang is back

runnerx | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Oh boy i sure put a lot of hours into this. Considerable amount since i played the first one less then 20 hours in total. But now it's time to analyze it in more detail. So what you have now it's the gang returning for a sequel. New heists, new weapons+mods, customizable masks, talent trees and a new lobby system called Sounds like a big change compared to the original which was considered more of a Left 4 Dead 2 clone. But is it? The thing about Payday 2 is that it had a lot of ideas to implement for the sequel and as a result most of them feel unfinished. The introduction was i supposed a way for people to try more maps instead of just farming on the popular ones which tends to happen to a lot of multiplayer games( the original payday no exception). But the fact is people still want to play certain maps because there either easier or take less time to complete. You also have maps appearing on with different difficulty settings(you can't set the difficulty level) which is another point lost. The weapon variety is not big, at lvl 40 you have access to everything. The weapon modding was intended to add more value and it does, you do have a lot of mods available per weapon ..but how do you get mods? Here is the kick in the teeth.. After each completed heist you get your exp and cash and after you get a choice between 3 cards which can be either cash, weapon mods or masks/masks customization materials such as paint patterns etc. Sounds fun but this random dropping system means you can wait ages for a specific weapon mod to your favorite weapon not to mention wait for a decent color paint for your mask. My God you make millions from a single heist and yet your character can't afford to buy some cheap paint for his mask. The stealth aspect of the game. The original didn't have one so this was a big highlight of the sequel. You can do heists entirely stealthy. But it's poorly implemented. More so there is absolutely little reason to waste time to stealth any kind of map(no reward except personal pride maybe). It's far easier for everyone to go in guns blazing kill everyone then blow the vaults with c4 or lockpick. On the technical side of things the game does look better then it's predecessor. Connection to multiplayer, personally i didn't have any problems but i do have friends who experienced problems such as an inability to host or connect to others games and the threads on this topic means it's a big issue. Which brings us to single player. The game does feature an offline The problem is your AI companions are literally brain dead. They do nothing other then shoot cops and ress you. They can't do nothing useful to help pull off a heist. They can't lockpick, place c4, they can't even pick up a bag of cash meaning that you're stuck doing everything. It's definitely not a game to play in single player, it's not a bug free experience for most yet(though the game is being improved each day). It surpasses the original in some things but not overall do to it's unfinished nature. Maybe with a couple of patches all will change. My overall conclusion is it's worth buying to play with friends and not that expensive. But if you want single player games stay away from this.


Great adition to the game

runnerx | July 3, 2013 | Review of Endless Space Disharmony - PC

I played a lot of Endless Space and i have seen and enjoyed all the goodies released for free for it. But now they released a much more meaty DLC for a price. It's not so much a DLC as a full blown expansion. Besides introducing a new race to the game with it's own perks, the gameplay is also significantly changed and improved over the original with space battle now supplemented with fighters and bombers. AI is also more intelligent now giving you a tougher fight for the control of the galaxy. I totally recommend this to those that enjoy the genre.


Take me to your leader

runnerx | July 3, 2013 | Review of Endless Space Emperor Edition - PC

I've waited for a long time for a modern 4x game set in space. A lot of people complained about the simple graphical interface and while i do agree it's simple in that regard(though the space battles do look great) that's not what's important in a turn based strategy game. The UI is brilliant and it's easy to keep track of a large interstellar empire and with 10 races( 11 with the new DLC) it will give you weeks of fun. Plus the game is actively supported with new stuff such as races or other perks in games added as free DLC. A game worth buying and supporting.


GTA meets James Bond

runnerx | July 3, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

I'm a fan of this open world type games where you can pretty much do what ever you want. I usually spend an insane amount of time just exploring and doing crazy stuff and with this game that's what you get. In terms of story it's not much, your typical quests: bring me this, escort that person, eliminate that etc. However where the game truly shines it's in the open world. Stunts like jumping on cars, hijacking planes and helicopters an array of weapons at your disposal and one huge map for you to roam will keep you busy for a long time. It is also a good looking game despite not being a recent release.


Epic game

runnerx | July 2, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

I'm not a fan of the originals so when i bought this game when it was on sale i had no idea of the story or gameplay style other that being a stealth RPG. To my surprise it was a lot more than that. The game lets you be who you want to be. If you want to be stealthy you got that, if you want to be a cold blooded killer you can do that as well with no problems but bare in mind that the actions in the game have consequences on the long run depending on paths taken. There is just so much content it will keep you busy for weeks. Few bugs i encountered nothing to ruin my pleasure of the game and at the price is it now it's a no brainer not to have it.



runnerx | July 2, 2013 | Review of Warlock Master of the Arcane Armageddon - PC

While not as great as the Return of the Elves DLC this one still provides an interesting gameplay alongside the normal ones. Personally i wasn't too fond off monsters suddenly spawning in the middle of your empire after you secured those territories in the original so in this one might just add to the frustration for those that didn't enjoy that from the beginning. Still it's a good buy if you're still willing to sink time in Warlock Master of the Arcane as it adds one more flavor to the game.


A must for lovers the game

runnerx | July 2, 2013 | Review of Warlock Master of the Arcane Return of the Elves DLC - PC

I truly recommend this DLC simply because it adds another race with its whole new set of buildings in the game to the other 3 that come with just the original plus one great mage.


Fun game that builds addiction

runnerx | June 4, 2013 | Review of Warlock Master of the Arcane - PC

When i bought this game i was looking for a casual turn based strategy to supplement my usual doses of Civ 5. As a lot of people i was expecting a clone of Civ 5 just with a magical setting. Surprisingly it turned out to be a better game than i expected. The game features 3 races( 4 with the Return of the Elves DLC) all different from one another each with its one set of buildings, units and perks. Unlike Civ 5 where all the buildings are in the city in Warlock each new building occupies a tile around the city. You can run out of free tiles where to place building if the city is in a narrow place. Also certain tiles have special resources that could be used to create more powerful units, new upgrades or simply improve the resources of your empire. Since only the city with the special resources in its borders can produce the special units it makes for a strategic importance to protect those cities. Besides the main map there also alternate plains where you can enter via portals from the main map. Those areas feature a predominant climate( desert, tundra, jungle etc) that contain resources not found anywhere else on the main map. However conquering them it's a difficult task since it is full of powerful units needing you to bring a full army to secure such a place. The diplomacy menu it's not that developed and it often forces you into a confrontation with everyone else on the map but it makes sense since the only way to win is through conquest. This might be off putting to some who prefer more versatile approaches on how to win a turn based strategy game. The spell tree replaces the technology tree found in other turn based games and it gives you the option to research various spells that you might latter use on the battlefield or boost your cities with various blessings. Unfortunately as fun as the spells are i do have one negative thing to say about it. As a spell tree you can't see the full tree just 5 spells that you can choose to research at a time which means as a new player you have no clue what it as the end of each tier of spells and you must start off blind in that regard. In the end it was a great game for me maybe it's not for everybody but if you prefer turn based strategy and since this is a cheaper game than Civ 5 at this time it is definitely worth it.


Worth it

runnerx | June 2, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

I for one didn't know much about the whole bioshock universe before this one so i was a total stranger to it. At the beginning of the game therefore i got confused of all the alternate history that you are presented so it was really hard to enjoy it story wise thought the characters do grow on you with time. The game however does posses great voice actors and while not a mind blowing game in terms of graphics it's artistic style it's definitely appealing. The game has a weird combat style focusing on different super powers you get as you progress through the game and alternate gun types. A lot of people (i assume fans of the previous ones) complained that the game is not very open world. While it is not truly open world as some other games is still very large and your often encouraged to explore in order get more money which you need to buy ammo upgrades or simply look around for collectibles. Despite not being a fan of the series i enjoyed the game a lot and it's a game i'm definitely recommending.


Great game for co-op

runnerx | June 2, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

A very fun game to play in co-op. Don't get me wrong the graphics are not much to look at now since the game is old and it was an indie title to begin with but the gameplay is still very good and guarantied to give you a hell of a time. The gun mechanics are superb and you have a tone of customizing options available for your character. The only problem the game has at times when patches come up, it will mess up with the connection settings for multiplayer which in my case once i had to reinstall the game though that could not be a major problem for most. All in all a cheap and fun game.


Fun yet sometimes forced

runnerx | May 7, 2013 | Review of SimCity - PC

After playing for a few good months(after the dust from the launch settled) i can describe the game in detail. The way they design the buildings and roads in this game is made to maximize the layout of the city while resources on the map such as water, coal, oil or ore means that you have to be very careful how you design the city from the start, and the city specialization tab adds a lot of challenges to every city you build. Now for the cons.. Well everyone one who heard about this game has heard already about the evil online DRM it was shipped of with and the problems that it caused for everyone since day one. For good reason yet most has been resolved now so that's not why i'm bringing DRM. The choice for DRM meant that certain game mechanics were changed in order to justify it's existence. For instance cities are very small. While you can maximize as much as possible buildings and roads you finish the layout of the city pretty fast and than your stuck waiting for cash to generate so you can upgrade your city. The city size was deliberately small to force the notion of the region on players. This way you can create multiple cities that can work together with different specialization and supply resources to one another. However! The region sometimes works sometimes doesn't because the nature of saving your cities onto servers means that it takes some time for it to be processed. You cant jump in one city put down a power station for example and expect the other city to be able to buy the extra power right after. So in other words despite the fact that the region idea was good for multiplayer, the way it works means that you still have to create mostly self-sufficient cities. There you have it, the full description of the game.Might worth the purchase now because like i said most of the issues have been solved but don't expect a masterpiece either.