Reviews by ryucchang


Great game but may get boring for some people. (Still great)

ryucchang | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

Borderlands2 is a great game and will be a great game for a long time since they are adding so many DLCs on the way (some are good, some are bad.) I'm not here to complain about the never ending DLCs so here's the good stuff. The game is GREAT! Honestly, I'm not a big FPS fan and really don't like 1st person view games as well. However, this game has mixed RPG features so well, you can hardly call it a first person shooter. The graphics are awesome. You can argue that other games have better realistic graphics but the cartoon-rendered graphics add great hype to the game's world and make you feel like you're actually being part of a cartoon world. Gameplay is wonderful. Lots of characters, tons of weapons, great skill trees and more. So many quests are out there waiting for you, you can't even count them all. Best of all, this games is SO GOOD to play with FRIENDS! Play it alone, great. Play it with friends, EVEN BETTER. Grab the game and start exploring it with your friends now! And I did say it may get boring but that's after 50~60 hours of game play. You can't easily find a game to play that long can you?


Great add to more XCOM experience.

ryucchang | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of XCOMEnemy Within - PC

Other good long reviews have already covered the pros and cons of XCOM enemy within, so the only thing I'll have to add is that this is something you must have. For those who like turn-based strategy games and for those who love XCOM, this is not a game to miss or let go or wait for high-rate discounts since it will provide over 30,40 hours of fun when many games provide less even with a higher cost. We all experienced how XCOM:Enemy Unknown can be annoying in repetitive gameplay due to the lack of specified base management. Well, they didn't add that but added other things to at least provide better fighting and modified soldiers. I guarantee that this will at least satisfy old XCOM fans in a better way compared to EU. Only con here is that I wished EW to be a stand alone game with all the old features installed in it but guess the developers didn't think that will work.


Depends on what you expected.

ryucchang | Nov. 12, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified NA - PC

If you are expecting a game that can fulfill your imaginations and expectations for the XCOM franchise itself (like me) I consider this game as 'not worth buying.' At least for the whole price. Yes, it has a story line which is linked to the entire XCOM itself and may have some aspects that continue along to the XCOM: Enemy Unknown but, I don't know what happened, the overall taste is quite under expectation. However, as a shooter game with tactical features, this game is worth enough playing at least once or twice. It has a decent story with above average characters and sub features to extend the game playtime. Again, but, However, the game lacks any sort of freedom. The story is linear and the only thing you can choose is who to speak with, whether you're going to do some quests inside the base and the sequence to choose side quests. You can't customize almost any aspect of your teammates. They are all guys, (ah the good old times ha?) no armors, no accessories, no nothing. Only thing you can do is give 'em some backpacks and weapons and choose what skill to use from the eight skills they have. The balance is crippled so not all of them are worth using anyway. The battle and fighting itself is alright though. You can command direct orders to your teammates (who aren't really that helpful, but better than nothing) which does give you the sense of being in charge. The enemy AI is alright. They don't let you flank 'em that easily and try to concentrate fire on you to cut you out. If you played XCOM EU, you will once again be able to remember how it feels to fight a muton with an assault rifle and basic armor. Still, the major problem this game has is that the game doesn't live up to the XCOM hype it received and that MASS EFFECT still exists on this universe.


Big gap between Single and Multi Experience

ryucchang | Sept. 22, 2013 | Review of Lost Planet 2 - PC

Actually this game is quite good and offers a great 'multi-player' experience. The only problem I had with it is that I didn't have any friends to start off with. So I started on my own. The bots that are assigned to you aren't that smart to enjoy together. You mostly have to do everything for them which is quite annoying since the levels of this game were designed to play with humans not bots. The game could have been rather better if they just labeled it 'co-op only.' Another thing that annoyed me was that the earlier missions of the game ended so quickly. You move in, kill some monster, activate some things, end of mission. It's hard to get a grasp of the story and what you're actually doing. Overall, a great game if you have some friends to play with.