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Enjoyable, but short

sacah | July 5, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

At launch the graphics weren't great, and if you lack imagination and need top notch graphics to get into a game, even with the patches this probably still isn't for you. For the Single player/o-op modes, I found the atmosphere was pretty good, you were taken through a variety of situations, and had to alter your tactics a bit in certain areas. The friendly AI can get a bit annoying at times, and the cut scenes don't always make sense with the flow of the story. Overall I would say it's average, not so bad you can't focus, but not so good you can't quit when you're tired. The story is over in a few hours though, even on difficult. Multiplayer is fun, playing as both races seems pretty balanced once you get the hang of the aliens, but finding a server other than TDM was difficult and TDM got old quick, same old tactics on replay game after game. My biggest issue with this game, is the price they charged, it wasn't up to that standard in anyway. And add insult to injury they released a wrath of Pay For DLCs. Grab it once it and the Season Pass is 50% off, then I'd maybe consider it worth it.