Reviews by sadachara


Very enjoyable game.

sadachara | Nov. 20, 2012 | Review of Warlock Master of the Arcane - PC

I don't like overly drawn out, and complex strategy games, and this one is quite enjoyable for me. I love the fantasy theme based on the Majesty world. The graphics, sound and music are very good for a 4X game. I like the unit promotion/leveling/power system that quite dramatically improves your units, and changes the gameplay. Overall I am having a lot of fun with this title, and feel it has more of a 'come play me' feeling about it compared to Civ5 and Fallen Enchantress. The DLC's add quite a lot to this game, and I recommend most of them. Many games don't draw me in after the initial play, something feels missing about them. This game has a good feel that keeps me wanting to play it, and for that I consider it a very fine game with a lot of effort from the developers to make a streamlined, fun 4X with a strong fantasy element.


Not good, but great!

sadachara | Nov. 20, 2012 | Review of ShadO - PC

This game is quite a lot of fun, and well worth the low price of admission. With close to 30 normal difficulty levels, and additional nightmare levels it offers quite a lot of gameplay. Basically the towers are 'drawings' the kid made, and the spells are ones he imagined, so you are using these in defense of your memories you are trying to recover from some sort of event I haven't had explained yet. It's a sort of weird, psychological game that is actually very good.