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If games were perfect this will be one of them

sadasdasda | July 17, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

I am a really big fan of the bioshock franchise that when i heard about the new theme of bioshock i thought that the franchise was dead....oh boy i was so wrong The good -The Graphics are amazing: I have never seen such a game with a beautifull city full of colors and life in my life. The characters remind me of Borderlands kind of style. They are beautifull -Story=Mindblown: The story of this game is amazing at the begining it looks like a predectible story but this game is really a peace of art in story -THAT AI: I think of all this good things Elizabeth is the best thing. She is such a perfect character the way she looks,react,talk its jus beautifull and his AI in battle is perfect, she always helps you and looks like she really want to keep you alive The bad -Gameplay: Maybe is just me but i never liked the gameplay of this games I mean the vigors(AKA plasmids) are nice and all but i still feel that is kind of repetitive. Rating The Game is a masterpiece its a must-buy the world is nice the characters are perfect and THAT ENDING just buy this game dont think twice