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Fantastic Grand Strategy Game

saganprime | Feb. 27, 2014 | Review of Europa Universalis IV POST - PC

I have always been a fan of Paradox's strategy games, and this on is no different. In Europa you basically get to choose any country (or in some cases a group, like native Americans) and do your best to influence the world as you see fit. Europa is different from Paradox's other games in that they are a little more lenient in letting you muck up history with your own mega empires. Some fans claim this makes the game easier or dumbed down, but really makes it much more fun. Using the newer Clausewitz engine, I have had this game run great. The other immediate improvement from Europa III is actual multiplayer support. There are of course bugs, glitches, and weird AI at time, but it is to be expected with a game of this scale. You should also be aware that Paradox releases a large amount of dlc for their games. Some of these are $1.99 cosmetic packs, for those who like a more authentic visual presentation, while others are large expansion drastically adding more depth to the game. Some people argue that the dlc (namely the cosmetic items) are things that should have been included from the start or as a free update, but the expansions are usually great and keep the gaming going for months after release.