Reviews by saintsoulja


A hugely enjoyable timesink

saintsoulja | June 7, 2013 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD (1) - PC

Civilization V is one of those games you will turn on and suddenly return to your senses 3 or 4 hours later after countless turns of production, unit training, diplomacy and generally destroying those annoying barbarians. I did not want to like this game. I was expecting to walk in and just be bored but was draw in by the diplomacy aspect of the game. This is enhanced by the Gods and Kings expansion which allows you to create religions to bring the city states and the other factions to your side. As fun as the diplomacy aspect of the game is, the combat is fairly simple and very easy to understand. There is no micromanagement and the technology research allows for you to be producing new and more advanced units all the time. The end game units are something to look forward to like the giant death robot, and the special units are useful and and add a incentive to try different factions. The japanese samurai are lethal early on and the chinese crossbowmen are scary to go up against, although nuking another country playing as Gandhi was quite funny. You will have many memorable moments playing this game and cannot recommend it enough!


An amazingly fun little game

saintsoulja | June 7, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

As someone who has tried the big MOBA games like LoL and dota and not enjoyed them all that much, this game drew me in very quickly. The graphics and animations are very appealing and work perfectly with the style of the game. After putting around 30 hours into the game i have found that the best way to play the game is by jumping in with a couple friends and working together to destroy towers and jumping in on unsuspecting enemies. There are quite a few unique characters you can choose to play as with completely different play styles and once you find your favourite the game becomes immensely more fun, while the matchmaking bumps you up leagues to play against better players which definitely keeps the game interesting. I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a game to mess around on and wind down after a long day, having the charm of an indie game while still having some of the challenges and competition of traditional MOBAs. Definitely worth the money