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One of the Best Story Games out there!!

sakke31 | July 27, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

I enyojed The Walking Dead to every last bit of it. To talk to everyone and hear there version of the situation, is a really "fun". I think that best bit of the game is the story and the characters. The Walking Dead is a point and click adventure. If you have played Back To The Future The Game(also by TellTales) you will be familiar with the gamelpay, but Walking Dead. Thogh Walking Dead is much more improved and more "Open World". I had some problems with the game (Haven't heard that this have occurd for anyone else). My game didn't save my choice, and in a game that is some what based on the choices you make. But it didn't have any more glithes what i could see. so i think every one who loves a good story with wtf?! moments. WORTH IT