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Improving on a legacy but with some potholes

salarnas | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Europa Universalis IV POST - PC

Europa Universalis IV is a game that lets you explore your creativity in nation building within the confines of history. You can choose any nation from specific time periods and reshape history; story creation is a key aspect of this game. For example, it is possible to challenge yourself to make unlikely religions dominant; or remake lost empires; or be a peaceful trading nation. Single player improves upon all the mechanics from Europa Universalis III; basically adding a variable to every aspect of the game, a few dice rolls, and history turns out completely different. Europa Universalis IV reminds us how the world that we have now turned out the way it did because of thousands of these contingent factors. However, at the moment the multiplayer, which was a key factor in continuing to play for many veteran paradox gamers, still needs a lot of work. Players are frequently kicked, the game crashes or servers overload. If this is fixed, the game could have received a much higher score. The mechanics are complicated, and sometimes it takes used to trying to find what you need to find; but you will get a hang of it with practice. Of course, though the graphics have improved since EU3, this is basically more of a text-based game, kind of like a board game; so don't expect epic battle scenes like in the Total War series. Overall, the biggest hurdle in playing this game is the high learning curve for new players; but if you give it a chance, watch some tutorials and make a lot of mistakes, you too could have an amazing empire; after playing a game as complex as this, you can never go back to a game like civilization.