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Right in the feels...

samhuinn | Feb. 2, 2014 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

I played through 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' tonight. Wow... right in the feels, bro. This is a simply amazing game. It might be in my top 5 ever. I'd seen it often compared to Journey and while Journey was an incredible game, I think that Brothers handily takes the prize. The art direction, soundtrack, puzzles, and pathos are all top notch. Considering that there isn't a spoken word of English in the entire game, the whole story is portrayed visually through observation and allusive pantomime, it's remarkably touching. I'll be buying the soundtrack shortly, it's amazing. While it's not a long game by any stretch, it took me 4 straight hours to play through, it is remarkably concise. Recently I've been wondering if everything needs to be 40+ hour epics, I feel their narrative gets lost in the weeds. Fans of emotive storytelling, fantasy-fiction (Fable fans, I'm looking at you), and gaming aficionados need apply.I encourage you to pick it up if you haven't.