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Sci-fi action RPG at its best

sapanp | April 24, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect Trilogy NA Origin - PC

A sprawling epic story across three games, in which your actions in a previous game can affect how the story unfolds in a subsequent game. The ability to customize your character not only via gameplay, but also through social interactions with other characters on your team. These are the aspects of the game that truly make it an immersive experience. Gameplay-wise, ME1 plays a bit differently than the other two. ME2 and 3 gameplay is closer to that of action games; think Gears of War gameplay with RPG customization. ME1 plays a bit slower; reminiscent of older Bioware games, like KOTOR or even the first Dragon Age. Personally, I prefer the gameplay of ME1 on the hard difficulty, where you have to pause during fights and switch between all of your characters and strategically decide which ability to use and when. However, the greater consensus was that ME1 gameplay was a bit too slow with not enough action, so Bioware ramped up the action for 2 & 3 and took out some of the strategic element. Regardless, I found all three games to be enjoyable gameplay-wise. If you're a fan of sci-fi gaming, I highly recommend this trilogy. If it's on sale, it's a no-brainer. Prepare to lose yourself in the world (universe?) of Mass Effect for at least 75 hours (not including DLC's), double that if you're a completionist like me. N.B. This trilogy comes with SOME of the DLC's, but not all. If you want the full ME experience you will need to purchase some DLC's. However, the DLC's are not required for story cohesion; i.e. you won't be lost if you choose not to play the DLC's.