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great strategy games

sasu33 | April 28, 2013 | Review of Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition - PC

One of the greatest strategy games I play well it's true that the graphics are good but aging Still there are beautiful now the gameplay is superb there are several very interesting campaign so we can say that life is really great! super short games of a best AOE!


very good game

sasu33 | April 28, 2013 | Review of ArcaniA Gold Edition - PC

First, the combat system appears both intuitive with a small amount of complexity. Action-oriented, combat use and abuse of the roll which is the basis of the defense system. For the attack, the few spells of the game and a combo system by timing the Witcher make dynamic and active fighting. Properly calibrated, enjoyable and technical hair, this system does not meet unfortunately quite intelligent and balanced to be successful as fighting enemies. Indeed, unfortunately the enemies do not take off an attack from the moment that the first attack and they are pounding shots (Gothic 3 had the same problem). Therefore, it becomes easy to rusher fighting without feeling to face different enemies of a punching bag. This results in heavy fighting and nags. Another highlight is the graphics engine of the game that offers realistic landscapes, varied and inspired design. Finally, the attractive scenario starting from fast fishtail. The end of the adventure is also extremely heavy, a series of quests and battles galore with a screenplay Advanced almost zero in uen city questionable level design. The dialogues are not lacking in humor, but remain on the surface. In the end a nice adventure, perhaps too smooth in places, too heavy, a little superficial, too easy, but that leaves player.