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Ambitious, beatable, and really fun

scoi007 | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

Sine Mora is ambitious. It takes the shoot-em-up (shmup) genre and does some interesting things with it. It puts story at the front of the campaign, with interesting and different character design, a complex (though somewhat confusing) time-travel storyline, and a lot of background of the world and characters that are optionally there if the player wishes to dig into them. The voiceovers are fantastic, the game visuals are gorgeous, and there are moments of actual surprise and emotion, which I never expected in a shmup. The shooting and dodging is also pretty fun. Going through the story on normal (the easiest difficulty) is doable for just about anyone - even players new to shmups - and this is how it should be. The challenge comes from beating it again on harder difficulties or engaging with one of the other harder modes (arcade or score attack). There are only a few negatives to the experience: it's hard to tell what is background and what is foreground sometimes (dangerous when running into foreground will damage you) and it can be hard to learn the hitbox of your ship. At the end of the day, Sine Mora achieves at least one of its ambitious goals: it allowed me - someone who before has almost never found anything but frustration with shmups - to have fun playing one.