Reviews by seballot44


Nice team FPS

seballot44 | Dec. 5, 2013 | Review of Counter Strike Condition Zero - PC

This FPS is nice to have fun with your friends. There are a lot of maps, some funs (a swimming pool, a ranch...) and some competitiveness (like de_dust2, the most famous one). There are different goals, like planting a bomb, taking down the entire enemy team... The solo is also fun, the bots (non-player characters controlled by your computer) will talk to you and cooperate to take down enemies and reach the goals. You can have fun doing 1vs10 bots for example, and challenges like that ! Don't forget to play online, there is a huge community playing this game, creating maps and models for characters and weapons. With this much possibilities, fun never ends !


Nice MMO

seballot44 | Dec. 5, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Post - PC

This MMO is nice, you can do a lot of dungeons with your friends, and play all the classes on a character. You can go as a Tank, and switch to DPS or Healer for the next dungeon. It's fun and it's usefull (you will unlock skills doing that). Look everywhere around you, it's Final Fantasy, you can see that the universe is here, and well designed. The lights and shadows are amazing !! To sum up, this game will let you live in Eorzea, with your friends !