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The most entertaining action game I have played in a while

sebbecht | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

I have always loved bank robbery movies and so this is the perfect game for me. But now that I have played the beta, even if I didnt love the concept of the gameplay and story, I would still love the game purely from its mechanics. I have always been very critical of mechanics in games and their flaws and what really makes me love this game is that they have made an intense action game with beautiful graphics as well as a well thoughtout stealth thief game. I enjoy all the sides of the gameplay they provide: Intense action, complicated heists doable in full stealth with WELL thoughtout mechanics, great possibility of teamplay that requires multitasking etc etc. Its a very wholesome experience in my mind. They also provide you with many reasons to grind up experience and money to upgrade weapons, skills, masks and not to mention one of the best but simplest experiences of all: Walking into your private vault in your safehouse, looking at the stacks of money you have collected. I have played over 90 hours of the BETA that has a small amount of the content they have promised even on release. I would gladly pay double what they ask for this game.