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Metro in a new, much better edition

segrand | Aug. 31, 2014 | Review of Metro 2033 Redux EU - PC

This is an example of a very well made ​​game in the new version. If someone liked the Metro Last Light in terms of mechanics and graphics, and I think most enjoyed it, now you have the opportunity to play Metro 2033 in such conditions! I myself am delighted with the graphics, all new products have been introduced. Nothing impresses like a thick atmosphere of the underground subway in the new version. It looks really beautiful. Well, we have a great Ranger mode, which significantly increases the level of difficulty for the most demanding. As someone has already played a game in the 2033 primary, it is worth to return to the refreshed version of Redux. It is better in every respect. In the end, the man does not have to pretend to be creeps, but you can eliminate enemies quietly, as terribly lacking in the original game. I was delighted with this world, despite the poor graphics and mechanics. Now we have something really great! Something beautiful and extremely playable! Without a doubt, I will try to do 100% performance in this game.


Ezio welcome again

segrand | June 11, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed Revelations Uplay - PC

Another adventure of Ezio. This time, in the end we get a different color robes. It is no longer white, and gray, which I think adds amazing climate and is one of my favorite outfits in Assassin's Creed. What can we expect from the game? Those who have played in the previous part of Assassin's Creed, you will notice many similarities to them in Revelations. We get a huge, open world, which we can freely explore where we can climb virtually any place, full of interesting sites and monuments faithfully mapped. The fight mechanics like this that we know of the Brotherhood. Ezio does not need to learn all the tricks from the beginning (except for the use of the hook), so we meet stronger opponents almost immediately. I had the opportunity to fight with a group of Janissaries, the personal bodyguards of the Sultan, who made me a problem, mainly by the fact that they did not hesitate to use firearms, could be repealed before each blow, until I broke their defense does not kick, and did not die immediately after one , well leveled counterattack. Admittedly, this part is very impressive. You just have to play it!


One guy had a farm

segrand | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Farming Giant Steam - PC

The player takes on the role of a farmer , and his task is to build from scratch a company that would become one of the world's food production market giants . The way to achieve this goal , however, is far away , and the entrepreneur will face many difficult challenges to be faced. Following the example of earlier views the series, Farming Giant game takes place in real time. The player manages the farm ( farm building and production facilities , conduct upgrades, deals with the cultivation of the land and cattle ), and also takes care of the financial results of the run farm. All mechanisms associated with food production are modeled on real production process , which adds fun and educational advantages of simulation . In terms of the quality of the audio - visual framing Farming Giant does not deviate from the standards set by the previous cycle reads Giant . Noteworthy is the size of boards on which a player can demonstrate ingenuity in the planning and construction of farm crops ranched . There is perhaps something wonderful , but definitely for fans of this type of genre is quite bearable proposition . Pleasing to the eye and fun to play.


Adored by my person Gothic

segrand | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Gothic II Gold - PC

If someone wants to play Gothic 2 , and did not play in the first part of this game I would recommend him to play first in number one . Gothic 2 picks up right where the first part ends . After defeating the dreamer magical barrier breaks down , and we remain in the tomb of a demon buried boulders. Xardas the Necromancer after three weeks teleport us to your tower. He tells us that only the magical aura of our armor kept us alive . After a brief moment of triumph mag tells us about a new threat waiting Khorinis . Dreamers his last cry of despair summoned to this world big powerful demons even dragons. Necromancer tells us that this time we will not cope without help . We need eye Innosa without this sacred amulet not defeat the dragons. After the recent guidelines Xardasa we move into the big , dangerous fantasy world . Meet Gothic 2 , a worthy successor to the Three Great RPG ! Travel through the huge , vibrant world . Experience a unique adventure depressing in a multi-threaded , full of plot twists . Savour the refined graphics to the smallest detail , and sensational sound luminaire . Embark on meeting the greatest adventure of your life. Meet the evil , and cover the fame of a true hero . I highly recommend the game Gothic 2 In my opinion this is the best RPG of our time. It is surprising and unpredictable. Playing in her every moment you just what a monster is lurking around the corner, what happens after the next task. If you enjoy role-playing games necessarily , without exception, must play in Gothic 2 , but only then , when you move the first part of the game , because you will not know why some people are familiar with the game you do not know the previous history of the Gothic surprising . Really, if you play this game you will not regret it!


Progress chasing progress

segrand | Jan. 1, 2014 | Review of Two Worlds II Steam - PC

Beautiful graphics , dynamic combat, and in addition rarely seen in this type of productions multiplayer mode . The second installment of the series Two Worlds Poles are proving that they can do a good action game with RPG genre . Two Worlds II is a great looking that puts the fight RPG . Hour after hour passed , and I was still sitting in front of comp, because I have a few points I lack the experience to a new level , I 'll get some coins and buy some better armor , etc. Unfortunately, addictive battle comrades average plot, uninteresting open area and SI errors . Too many elements is just average or just good to be able to say that the game is outstanding , but who knows, maybe the situation will change the third part of a series ( I hope that one appears) . Meanwhile, really nice to be able to honestly recommend Polish title. Applause for Reality Pump for good ( bit of a shame that not very good) job done . Although I do not like the struggles of the network, and certainly not in the games of the RPG genre , it is a multiplayer mode in Two Worlds II drew me more than I expected. It gives at least some , if not a few hours extra , rewarding fun. It is far from ideal, but they are on the right track in the future.


They tried to do a good game. I really try to ...

segrand | Jan. 1, 2014 | Review of KnightShift - PC

Long, long ago led a happy life Glade . Yes , there were some disagreements here and between them - and this one another cow abducted , and that someone Miss wolf beadle . There is , however tempestuous idyll . Until the time when everything went wrong . KnightShift is a real-time strategy . You think so probably that, as in any other real-time strategy put base , you train the army, bump into enemy territory , carved out its troops and smoke his village , ending the game. Well i .. Well, you're right. But ! Here, the basis of everything is milk. Literally - the milk . Starting the game you get a few cows , for which you need to take care , because only through them Your village will grow in strength. Another interesting element of the game , in addition to Slavic climates , is without doubt the RPG mode - if you want you can have an adventure worthy of a Slavic hero . I honestly really do not like this game . It does not look good, does not present playability . It is definitely a lot more games commendable . Behind the desire and the subject can boast . The rest are far too weak.


Pretty good game I have to say

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Septerra Core Legacy of the Creator - PC

Economical , not wordy , animations inserted only where you need it. Simple Keyboard controls in the majority of substitutable by rat - allows you to concentrate on the game. Easy to move around the locations and maps , logical and nuanced combat system (no long animation sequences when casting spells - a little animation of course is ) and of scenario: linear (which may be too big an advantage it is not) , but all in all legible and łopatologiczny . You have to pay attention to details and sometimes brains in gear . The next steps are indicated by clear instructions , but you have to catch them - otherwise remains legwork on the map and a studded points in consecutive fights. You can see that gentlemen authors pointed this out , because sometimes when a man is too good and too quickly moves to the next stages , it is the way goes to the opponents who clearly are prepared stronger team. To sum . For sure this is not some discovery . It's fairly well made ​​up for a lesson , however ( and therefore ) highly recommend it to everyone who can devote several hours to the salvation of the world. Incredibly time consuming ! PS: As a young man how it played , I remember that even ran off a full walkthrough for the game, because I did not know how to get a piece!


Good old game. Do you think that for you?

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Knights Merchants - PC

I can not say clearly who to recommend this title. In comparison to today's games falls quite pale ( you will not find in the three-dimensional objects supported hardware acceleration ) . But maybe that's what is its advantage ? Modest hardware requirements and the relatively low price are encouraging . For young readers may be instructive to know the program presented in a simplified way the state ( that is, simply put - the discovery that "nothing comes from the air " ) . However, due to the tedious poring through successive stages of the game , the game is designed mainly for people with a huge stock of spare time , which is now becoming increasingly difficult to save . High levels of difficulty are also encouraged to buy . This is a particularly good option for older players . Younger can quickly alienate rather old graphics, difficulty level and a completely different approach to the subject. Is it worth ? I personally think so. As a young man spent a lot of time on this production. I was not disappointed.


Very good production ... so few words specifically.

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Gorky 17 - PC

The game is set in 2009 , somewhere in Poland ( from one of the designers we learn that the city is Lubin in Lower Silesia ) . Branch consisting of three commandos NATO forces ( composed Pole , an American and a Frenchman ) are designed to find out why the town was devastated , what happened to the residents and why previous intervention group did not give any sign of life . This is not a typical survival , as the game is organized in a tactic - RPG , but it does not mean that it loses its climate, and even the opposite. Pressing problem during the whole game is annoying lack of ammunition and therapeutic agents. It is true that sometimes run into the box from fantami , but found equipment must be divided into 3 -5 -person team . In total, the team members do not have any distinguishing features. Exceptions are women . They can not use heavy weapons , but it is the first I encounter on the road, is a bonus for treatment. Invariably, the team always stays Cole Sullivan , Jacek owicz and Thiery Trantigne , and other forms of exchange . During the fighting each character gets experience and proficiency wielding a particular weapon , depending on how much damage inflicted . With increasing experience increases the level and amount of damage and accuracy for a weapon . With each increase in level can increase your rates . All we visit look like in reality nothing had happened , only residents jumped out at the moment . So it might seem at first glance , but the impression destroys the already encountered the first enemy that resembles a crossword puzzle dog and a lizard. The second thing edifying atmosphere is pervasive gloom : portraits form to send a shadow, in most locations there is darkness , something seen only by some small lampeczce even figure in the inventory is half obscured by shadow . The game comes from the period when the game actually was still difficult, which additionally been building the impression of survival, and the dynamic story tells us trudge forward. I think you should play " Gorky 17 " from the ground that it will never be gaming at such a level . Very good production .


Wonderful old school game

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Earth 2150 Trilogy - PC

Earth 2150 is a real time strategy game , where the action happens in the future, after the destruction of Earth. Earth 2150 is composed of three separately published parts: Escape from Blue Planet , The Moon Project and Lost Souls . Earth 2150 talks about what led to the war between the two nations : ED - the Eurasian Dynasty and the UCS - United Civilizated States . Earth has Detonating nuclear charges made ​​that the Earth has lost the stability of the orbit , and this in turn led to a series of disasters. Earth 2150 is focused on the activities of the three nations , the two aforementioned and colonizers Moon LC - Lunar Corporation. The player has to complete various missions , which aim to save people and find a way to survive. Earth 2150 allows you to create databases , develop army , use of technology , creating ships and collecting relevant . It is awfully good production of the old school , which is playable to this day. If anyone is interested in this type of productions , you should start just from the title. Timeless game , definitely !


Please... more game like this!

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Enclave - PC

The story does not stand out from the diagrams , but can sometimes surprise you. The forces of evil are preparing for another attack . In Xboxowej version of the good guys started to gain access to the history of the other side. PCs version immediately gives us access to the campaigns of light and darkness. The campaign is a good start large -sized knight bad campaign - a warrior . Turning stages gain access to newer and newer forms, which we have quite a lot to choose from. We can manage , among other things hoarder, druid , berserker , halfling , assasin , an engineer, a golem or would be a sorcerer . The characters we follow are specialized either in the fight for greater distances , or in close encounters . They also differ weapons they can use . Their purchase is done by using found bags of gold. The biggest advantage Enclave turns out to be the climate. Apparently casual game TPP , but can pull and it's very hard. Locations sizable dazzle and variety to their appearance , the characters were applied the right amount of polygons . Also, opponents nothing is missing . Especially enjoys a view of open space , water quality , and very detailed texture. Subsequent stages are true works of art , but they show up on bigger hardware requirements . A good patent turns out to be the option of first-person view , and even walking with such a prospect. What makes the Enclave has that "something" is the soundtrack. Thanks to immediately grasp the atmosphere of a mystical land . Definitely worth investing ! I did not even have to worry about the requirements . No problem you go , most likely at max detail !


Chess extremely interesting

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Battle vs Chess Steam - PC

Opposite each other are here because armies composed of animated bodies , symbolizing the individual figures . The game does not lack sophisticated attacks, magic and impressive graphical effects . Production offers both game modes for single player (including an action-packed Arena , where the player at the right time takes control units and self inflicts damage ) , as well as a multiplayer option . Struggles taking place on six chessboards , having in each case a different graphic , three-dimensional background . Buyers Battle vs . Chess can without too much trouble to adjust the difficulty level of gameplay to their skills - the creators have developed mechanisms based on a series of Fritz as many as ten different models to choose from . Still, this version of chess is extremely interesting and looks much better than the typical . I can not in good conscience recommend , because incredibly addictive ! PS : Also for fans of Harry Potter ! There was also a theme with live chess ;)


Easy, simple, enjoyable.

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of 3SwitchedD - PC

The game itself is banal in its simplicity. Really. However, using here a little different perspective and visually looks really solid. It is a real "time killer". Only the best is just a game for any kind of cell, tablets and other wonders of today's technology. I do not know if I can in good conscience recommend this game to your computer. On mobile devices, the idea and the production is really brilliant. When traveling, by bus or on the road, a meadow, in the park, in the woods. Very pleasant apply this and other productions like her. Sitting at home but I do not know if I would in such a thing he wanted to play. Well, unless someone has a laptop, and it can travel. And that is why, for those with a laptop, I would recommend this and this type of production. Easy, simple, enjoyable. Without any fireworks. It is designed to loosen, break for a moment from everyday life and give some simple entertainment.


Sweet racing game!

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Calvin Tuckers Farm Animal Racing - PC

There are many games of this type, where we drive cars and we have a variety of fun creatures for the driver. This time, however, we have animals like pigs, chickens, etc., and the cars do different trucks resembling those frequently encountering in agriculture. Not the first time I meet with such races, but these are some of the nicest. Also fun for the little ones, so you might as well fire is your child! A lot of vehicles, the ability to play split screen, decent graphics. Very good suggestion to offer something the youngest, as well as them and play! We visit many different places, because the maps are diverse, so there is no question of boredom. One of several of this type of production, but also one of the most interesting. Funbox Media has won already another samochodówkę, also suitable for children. So nothing but benefit from the goodness from them and play this type of game. Children should be delighted.


Guilty Gear!!

segrand | Dec. 30, 2013 | Review of Guilty Gear Isuka - PC

Guilty Gear Isuka is the story of a tournament , the aim of which is to identify the most powerful warrior. The struggle involved mechanically modified athletes whose speed and power moves much human . The tournament next bio - warriors , are also involved unbeaten champions martial arts . Guilty Gear Isuka is an arcade action game under the banner of fighting , in which once can fight even four players ( multiplayer mode ) . The game contains twenty-three players, each with its set of punches. Graphics of the game is two-dimensional and extremely colorful reminiscent performing at the thought ( the rest of the rightly ) anime . Guilty Gear Isuka is another scene of one of the most famous fighting game series in the history of electronic entertainment . If you are fans of Playstation console , it is not possible that you may about the game not heard . The most important innovation in relation to the previous section , with its PlayStation 2 , it is worth mentioning the opportunity to play in a special mode in which the lists is up to four players simultaneously. Of course, there were also options, which traditionally face each other two people. In addition to this mode also includes " three in one " . You can not forget about the option Factory , in which the player gets to disposal robot named Robo- Ky II. The machine that you can learn to ask the individual moves and a combination of impressive offensive techniques . A further , novel mode is optional Boost , which is typically a skill for two players. I highly recommend it because it really worthy brawl interest.


Necrovision and his creatures

segrand | Dec. 29, 2013 | Review of Necrovision - PC

Necrovision is an extremely complex game . Its level is not equal . At the beginning we feel terrible boredom , something that we can not draw for a long time . It turns out after some time , it is quite enjoyable game . You still have to convince . How to do it? Try this production and not to deviate from it after a bad beginning. May actually be better! I will . It is therefore difficult to say whether this is good or bad game . This is definitely a game geared toward pure action , without the interference of a complex story. If we are able to withstand , it can be really quite good at this production fun. Necrovision is certainly not a milestone in the history of virtual entertainment , it is also not a revolution in the world of shooters . In addition to the work of The Farm 51 should not , however, pass indifferently. Similar production on the market does not have much, and even less is as good works . There is no doubt that Necrovision recommend this product , especially for the enthusiast shooters who are not looking for gaming depth , only action!


Not bad, not bad

segrand | Dec. 28, 2013 | Review of Silent Hunter V Battle of the Atlantic Gold Edition - PC

As commander of the German U-boat type VII we have a task to deal with the forces of the Allies - Silent Hunter 5 : Battle of the Atlantic takes players into the realities of World War II , offering an extensive campaign which can be completed at one of several levels of difficulty . Thanks to this game is addressed both to veterans and less experienced amateurs of this kind of production. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic puts the emphasis on the interaction with the crew of the ship. Giving orders and talking to its members , influence the morale of our children , and we can throw off their shoulders certain responsibilities . Manufacturers also introduced a system for the development of our comrades - the new ability to unblock spending skill points . There are further experience points that are used to powerful ship. Actually, I can venture to say that the Battle of the Atlantic is the first truly innovative simulation of submarine since the Aces of the Deep . Not all, such an approach would be liked , is not it , however, is that the series needed something new. Along with Silent Hunter 4 it became apparent that the cycle 've come in evolutionary dead end . Silent Hunter III enriched the modem Grey Wolves is close to perfection and not too much could be improved here . Ot could at most add a few details, improved graphics and improved artificial intelligence . However, without a radical change , a game more akin to a remake than a continuation. Therefore, the creator , not seeing too much opportunities to go forward , they made a big step to the side, in my opinion, in all a pretty successful.


Not bad Brother in Arms

segrand | Dec. 26, 2013 | Review of Brothers in Arms Hells Highway - PC

Brothers in Arms series is known primarily from the fact that it was kind of a pioneer in the classic combination of FPS and tactical strategy. Hell's Highway is absolutely not trying to revolutionize the model . In the simplest terms it looks like this - when you arrive in a new place we analyze the positions of enemies and spacing of their people. Subordinates spend then click putting suppressive fire , and at the same time, alone or with the participation of the other team attacking enemies flank . Great idea , but the execution of previously released games left a lot to be desired. Enemies behave irrationally ( either too passive or too aggressive ) , all shares were almost identical course and poor design maps forced to solve problems in a strictly determined way. How it all looks in Hell's Highway ? I think it is much better now , though it was impossible to eliminate all childhood diseases . Still, it is a ! Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway is an extremely successful continuation. The creators of great use of the opportunities offered by the third generation Unreal Engine , left proven ideas and added a few new options , they took care of engrossing storylines , absorbing missions . For fans of this type of production , so it should be a position worthy of interest.


Not bad Agricultural Simulator

segrand | Dec. 25, 2013 | Review of Agricultural Simulator 2011 Steam - PC

Half the battle is in fact cultivate the land and raise crops , the other - well sell them . Purchase prices of agricultural products in each of the sites are constantly changing - time to grow , time to fall. By collecting grain in silos , we are often forced to make difficult decisions . Every day we ask ourselves whether it is the right moment to with a packed trailer to move to monetize yields and earn funds for further investments or wait another two or three days, as the increase in prices, but the risk of a decline , resulting in halting further development of the farm. Low and unfavorable prices can persist for a long time - the better we can choose when to sell, the faster growing wealthy and developing. How many times a man wondered what it's like to have your own farm , own pets and your own business . Now we have it all . For some , this is the game extremely boring. In the end, what may be interesting in picking crops, selling them and making money . For others , however, this production is completely detached from the others, giving endless gameplay. It really is what to do in this game . Dear young farmers . Do not be afraid to invest in the production. Try this business. Maybe this is not a game for everyone, but it is worth to draw a little view of this , where does the bread and how you have to work to collect all the crops and then sell ! This is not a bad game . You can go ahead and invest .


Valve pack!

segrand | Dec. 24, 2013 | Review of Valve Complete Pack - PC

Valve Complete Pack is a collection of the best games from Valve . Here we have , among others, which enjoys great popularity Team Fotress 2 , which as a F2P game reaches an incredible number when it comes to the number of people playing in this production. Another production is included in the course, Half Life series . Very good production for people who do not pay attention to the graphics, and for whom the story . This is where we meet the characters and really amazing piece of solid gameplay. Of course, the package contains a very popular and perfect to play together with your friends Left 4 Dead . This is where we will kill hundreds of zombies different kind of weapons and using many types of firearms. Excellent game when it comes to co-op . Very enjoyable game . It can be pretty good de-stress ! Of course there is still portal . As for me, a little odd production , but still has its positives . Nice graphics (especially in talon ) and interesting gameplay, which shows something quite different from the rest of the production. It also has co- op ! Man can not of course forget about the production, which was allowed to serve themselves from a young age . Production, which is represented in e - sports. This game is Counter Strike . It is impossible even for a moment to hear about this production . In addition, she improved , prettier version of Counter Strike Global Offensive named . Also, and this portion is located in the package. Frankly nothing but buy and enjoy the hundreds, if not thousands of hours spent.


Half-Life series!

segrand | Dec. 24, 2013 | Review of Half Life Complete - PC

Action game series Half-Life takes place in the near future. The main character is Gordon Freeman cycle , theoretical physicist engaged in a secret research center Black Messa , where during one of the failed experiments is accidentally made ​​kasakada resonance . The effect of open portals to the world of Xen , inhabited by an aggressive alien race who are trying to get to the Earth. The story of the first part of the cycle focuses on trying to get out of the complex research , and opponents of the protagonist are both aliens and Marines who are trying to prevent the escape of the resort . In a continuation of events take place several years later, and Freeman again must confront a stranger who had invaded the futuristic metropolis City 17 Initially, the game series Half-Life engine GoldScr exploit the opportunities , which is a modified version of the Quake Engine. The real jump in quality visuals ensured , however, only applies much more modern technology Source , which was first used in Half -Life 2, and then also in the original Half-Life ( Half-Life : Source ) . One of the curiosities on the Half-Life series is the silence of the protagonist . In any games Gordon Freeman does not speak a word of what happened to the subject of many jokes popular among players . Why this introduction? Because it is one of the best in terms of production plot. Really, this game does not count artwork and just playability! Older players will understand and manage it to them just the same statement . Take it if you do not. Really worth it!


One of the best Prince of Persia

segrand | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time - PC

It is worth noting that many of the new , hyped hits targets more on graphics than the story and idea - the Prince of Persia was different. This game even though it is no longer a technical novelty now , and probably most of you will not specifically admire her artwork , it contains a lot of cool ideas and very good performance . Very well designed locations and new solutions are still emerging during the game adds climate game . All these elements make the PoP to the end playable and interesting. And this is after all the most important. Both fans of arcade and versatile players simply looking for good games should be very pleased. + - very good combat system - interestingly designed locations - a lot of new ideas even at the end of the game - the possibility of shifting time - well increasing the level of difficulty - - annoying camera - today's possibilities a little outdated graphics - inability to write in any place (sometimes a little bad arranged checkpoints )


Prince of Persia one more time

segrand | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Deluxe Edition - PC

In this part of the Prince's most failed me two things. One of them is a struggle . Surely you remember the possibility of piss- free-hand in the Soul Warrior or two thrones ? It's not here . Here, as in the sands of time, prince breaks one combination ( True Power Attacki yet , but that does not change the fact of things. ) Can do 5 attacks on each combo attacks , attacking fast , strong , alternating , and as soon as we . But one thing I must write : Fight reminded not fight we remember from WW or TTW , but more hack n ' slashową , something the Devil May Cry , but it is more poorly . In almost all (except the Two Thrones ) Prince had a whole arsenal of weapons " indestructible ", these have changed with the progress in the game, here we are just ... Two Swords, phi ! You also can not take weapons from enemies , or crunched only one sword, for around 80 % of the game , and the rest , such that each removes virtually blow . What is new are the powers of the elements and RPG elements , as you probably know , so that I will not write anything , you will not need it ;) Here, too, nothing interesting. Opponents are so diverse , oh, so much so that I do not know if I counted 9 types . Szkieletorki - Clones , just like the rest . Interestingly , these powers are water-related and restructuring elements of the environment . While the latter was pretty cool , it is freezing and thawing of water, especially at the end of the game , and earlier, was able to bring me for the umpteenth time - . - . The worst thing for me was the length of the Forgotten sands game. The whole finished in about 7 hours. To sum up : If you 're a fan of PoP , you can buy this part , but if you bet on the climate and length , catch the other parts, such as Warrior Within .


African adventure

segrand | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 2 Complete Edition - PC

Because of that I am today after completing the 2 parts of the game that stole my heart ( FC1 ) , throw your few cents to FC2. Before preparing for the part , I was a little skeptical attitude to the revised scene , which is Africa , because in my opinion this location in the world FC not too convinced me , Micronesia, Federated States of FC1 is much more fabulous . However, the second part I was fascinated by their realism ( malaria , methods of treating wounds , etc ) , a huge number of different weapons , fairly interesting characters , and of course the mood when walking on the plains and seeing the fluttering leaves and branches , as well as hearing the sounds of wildlife you can forget it is a game . In fact , sometimes the game may be bored by the repetitive and predictable tasks , but I'm still curious what will happen next , and how it all will end. The most dazzled me in the game , however, is that the weapons too often jammed (it is indeed a good and realistic theme ), but sometimes it happens in such a frequency that is at least annoying . To sum up the first part of a more enchants me climate, scenery, music and gameplay directing more towards the " kłejkowej " for my taste , two for it can not have this climate as "1" , but encouraging realism , variety of weapons and almost non-linearity strongly should encourage sandboxowych FPS game lovers .


Zombie, zombie, zombie... KILL KILL KILL

segrand | Dec. 1, 2013 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

With Left 4 Dead 2 is a funny thing . First thing is is that it also contains a campaign with the first part. Is so stupid to buy two parts , since the second is everything. I hope that the third party does not give two previous parts. Well, but going forward . Graphics for those times quite pleasing to the eye . There will not be here the idea of ​​survival in a dangerous world . We simply can not be eaten . How so do we defend ? Axes , clubs, guns and much more . We have quite a few weapons . We just smash the whole cluster of zombies , go ahead , knock again, and so on . Until we map does not end. Quite funny you have to admit it . But I could not personally do not know how long this bear. We have four main characters. Their models are very cool. We have , of course, four of the previous section. The idea here is what the co-op . Collaboration is important here , because if it snaps at us one of the strongest zombie or drop us life , someone has to us from the ground up. And here we are just companions from that. When the games themselves , the other three takes on the computer . Our comrades blind run for us, and shoot at everything that moves until the ammo runs out or the opponent scored. Speaking of ammo, you do not need to worry about the lack of it. Here's just very hard to lose all the magazines. On the higher difficulty levels is probably possible, but from what we have ax. Generally speaking, the whole game is enjoyable with friends. This is rather typical survival, and over time can get boring. Is it worth investing in this production? Probably. I personally am an average geared to this.


Discover the magic of Dunwall City!

segrand | Dec. 1, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Dishonored is a production that really stuck in my memory. We are pleased man returns to the title many times. The first thing that is extremely well done is the vision of the city. Every detail has a purpose, and it looks simply ludicrous . Really a lot of times it was so , that instead of going forward admired the city , looking through every nook and read every piece of paper that told a story about him. The magic of this place engulfed me completely. Another thing is the combat system . There are so dynamic and nuanced that passing game , killing another enemy is awfully good ! Just good ! A very long time since I played during combat as well as just at this game. A substantial number of gadgets only increases the possibilities . You can use a gun , crossbow , grenades , proximity traps . It really is a lot to choose from . RPG fans will also find something for themselves. We have the opportunity to develop the skills of our hero , where we choose from among a few special abilities like Blink . This gives us the ability to " teleport " in the selection of our place . Other options are not worse ! Seeing through walls , summon rats that will attack the enemy. But I'm talking about how to eliminate the enemy. This can be done aloud, making maps which are veritable battlefield, but also can play the silent killer. Sneak eliminating enemies and quiet this is also something beautiful. But we do not need to kill! Also, we can sneak and go through the game without killing anyone! Paths to achieve the goal is really a lot. A depends only on us, which we choose and how to solve the problem. It is a game definitely worth a visit. The only drawback is the difficulty that even the best does not cause too much trouble.


Assassin's Creed with the number four

segrand | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - PC

Assassin 's Creed marked number four commonly referred to as Black Flag , the next adventure of the series. This time the authors offer us a journey into the world of pirates (which is a subject was terribly boosted by the Pirates of the Caribbean ) . In the world of alcohol , beautiful women , ships, sea battles , pirates and their terrible enemies and murderers . Assassins who hoods eliminate his enemies . It is no different this time . Series is known because of this , and this time , continued . We have our own boat and sail out to sea along with his crew , visiting many interesting places , presented in a very nice way. In addition, we supply the two swords , guns, and we set off on the adventure of life. Singing , underwater adventure , marine unknown corners of the world and a typical pirate humor . All of this can be found in the newest part , and even a little more . Tzeba admit that it is a very sensible production that draws from what is best proven features and upgrades . Additionally, we have a multiplayer mode , in which you can change the appearance of the character and a little deal with the other assassins led by players from all over the world. This is a very solid production, which can in good conscience recommend it. Really might be interested in charismatic figure , which is unquestionably Edward Kenway and meet his pirate history.


The history of vampires in the background.

segrand | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Blood Knights - PC

All the productions that are about vampires extremely interesting to me . Therefore, I decided to see what it is actually, Blood Knights . Hack n Slash . It is safe to say , because you can see it from the first moments . A very good option is to add a co- op . I do not know if the man would no longer He sat at the table, if he had to go himself the story . The creators of the studio Deck13 that have usually consisted of adventure . You do not have to worry so special about the story that exists . In addition to killing another enemy , as indeed do the vast majority of games, collect gold , equipment , experience points . In a matter of fact it is a very stress-free gameplay with a touch of the story. Is it exactly what you admire ? They were already playing a vampire in history, which definitely pierced the title. It is no longer about the graphics , but about the same gameplay. You can not deny , however, the creators of ideas for the game , but because something that was . With the implementation of them can not work out a little bit , but not too bad. We are pleased to kick in next opponents ... and subsequent ... and the next. For fans of the genre, like the most. After another handful of new creatures and people to slaughter in excess of the concept. For the rest, I would advise against. It's really a lot more interesting items.


Treasure hunt time to start!

segrand | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Deadfall Adventures - PC

Production developed by Polish studio . It draws some ideas from other games, but you can not have her blame . This is such an interesting proposal that I think that it should be interesting. However, starting from the beginning. If someone liked Metro 2033 , notebook in hand, lighting the dynamite from the lighter it will be delighted tutejszymi solutions. A compass lies in our hands , flashlight or notebook that helps us in solving puzzles. I must admit that it is ingenious , but very enjoyable. Do not have to play in the sub-menu , because what we need is so tasty as shown . Fans of character development will also find something for themselves , as there is here a way of character development . Did you Alan Wake and weakening enemies with a beam of light ? Here too there is a similar solution. All this is spiced with Indiana Jones films , finding treasures and pleasant to the eye graphics engine based on Unreal Engine 3 We are also a multiplayer mode in which you can calmly play any . Is it worth investing in this production ? In my opinion the most . Especially if you've always wanted to be treasure hunters. You have at this point a great opportunity to see in this role. By the way, it is a decent and interesting FPS of all kinds of opponents. From ordinary people through various creatures.


One more time... RAPTURE!

segrand | Nov. 17, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 - PC

If someone fell in love with the underwater city, is now a moral obligation to invest in this DLC. Yes! Then he gives us the opportunity to return to the famous Rapture! Already this should be advertising in and of itself, but no move on. Graphically downright ludicrous. Climate underwater city back in a new installment better and makes you want to visit every corner of this beautiful place. Well, Elizabeth, who is even more beautiful in person than in the original game. The model looks better, performs better. In all respects, is better. Could anything be better? Of course! The news that this is not the end of the story, and once again return to Rapture. I personally can not wait and I sincerely recommend this DLC, because it is really great. Any fan of the first two Bioshocków, you must visit this version of the Rapture and see with your own eyes, what a beautiful creators managed to do. Quickly Buy from. I recommend and greet.


Very good game from Bethesda

segrand | Oct. 10, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Game of The Year Edition - PC

Extremely good game that has great support for mods. You can improve it in every possible way, adding more and more new things, improving the present and play najprawdę good production. Of course it is good to start from the previous section. Want to play Skyrim'a? Consult first with a true legend!


Not bad wild west

segrand | Oct. 10, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

Maybe the game is not too long, it can and has an unusual graphics, maybe this is the wild west ... However, many of these things is the advantage? Speed ​​and unusual approach to the subject gives the game some good reviews. The biggest drawback is the length of the game. With the current rapid game, it can be completed quickly enough. Is it worth it? Of course! Wild West is not so popular in the PC, so that more might be interested in this topic, thanks to this game!


From the creators of The Walkind Dead!

segrand | Oct. 10, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

From the creators of The Walking Dead. This can be seen besides the graphics, which so easily gets old like many contemporary production. A game that is worth playing due to an interesting story, great graphics gameplay that attracts attention from the very beginning, and interesting characters. Maybe the game divided into episodes, it will definitely be worth it to invest in them. Recommended!