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Square-Enix has finally returned

seiggy | Sept. 4, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

As a long time fan of SE games, the past several years have been very dissapointing. FFXI was too much of a time sink. FFXIII was just a corridor. And then there was the launch of FFXIV 1.0. It was looking like the end of the golden era of Square. Then Yoshi P came along and said he was going to do the impossible. I thought they were insane to try and reboot a MMO in less than 24 months. To take what was a steaming pile of trash and try and build a garden. But somehow they pulled it off. This game has charm and charisma for miles. The combat is nicely paced if you're not into the whole twitchy MOBA style combat of recent MMOs. But considerably faster than older MMOs that started the genre. The crafting has quests and is very interactive. It's very zen like and has much more interaction than any other MMO I've played yet. The story is wonderful and engaging, and I find myself engrossed. It is very similar to the classic Square style stories from FFIV to FFIX. Much better written than the last few games. The atmosphere of the game is to die for. Beautify vistas in nearly every zone. The music feels like Final Fantasy. And overall the game just looks very pretty. And finally, there's the fan service. This game is loaded with it. Magitek Armor mounts from FFVI, armor sets from all the games in the series. All your favorite monsters show up, along with some new ones. Cloud's Braver limit break is there for Lancers. And it all surprisingly feels like part of the world, and not gimmicky like it sounds like it would be. For the cons. They seriously underestimated the player demand for this game. Servers have been overloaded since pre-release and digital sales even had to be halted to try and control the train-wreck. Once they clean up the server issues, I think they've got a true hit on their hands.