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Fun and very awesome game

setsunark | May 28, 2014 | Review of Magicka Collection - PC

I never thought I would capture my attention Magicka, but he did and I think a fine game in terms of graphics and gameplay. I love the ability to have many powers and to mix the way you want. Also the game have a lot of extra content which helps to give life and a new look to the game. An extreme adventure fun, playing with friends is fun recontra. Very humorous and full of missions. For casual players do not get bored and want to be more serious if you got scoop of spell combinations to learn. The PVP is an attraction that can not be put aside. Invite your friend and teach rookie making the boss fly to pieces!. If one has all DLCs and make the game others can play too! Conclusion: if you like the fantasy-themed , with many references to Lovecraft universe , countless spells and elemental combinations , full of humor and being very cooperative thought to play ; this game will not disappoint . It's a shame that so many have DLC for " customize " the character and only have two very short campaign.