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Reality like never before

shade1811 | Nov. 18, 2011 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 3 - PC

Bored of playing those rpg games with fixed story line and limited animation combat? based on non-linearity concept, bethesda game studios brings skyrim with rich and beautiful scenarios and above all its like a second life to you where you get the chance to live in the age of vikings and combat dinosaurs and forge your destiny. the game engine is designed in such a way that the game literally never ends. it creates missions dynamically and you can also postpone the main quest as long as you want. And the scenary will drag you into the game's environment and make you even dream about skyrim. Its truly magnificient and one of a kind game.


Ever Wanted to be a Samurai?

shade1811 | Oct. 22, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

Ever wondered how it is to be a samurai? Or Ever wondered how it is to manage diplomacy and politics? Creative Assembly presents you the chance. The chance to rule the japan and show your wrath upon those who dare to disobey.The chance to show your tactness and diplomacy. The chance to follow the footsteps of SUN-TSU.The chance to be a samurai. DON'T MISS IT!



shade1811 | Oct. 22, 2011 | Review of Empire Total War - PC

Pen is mightier than sword? poof!. I say " Musket is mightier than sword". Want a proof? Then try Empire Total War and tell me....... PS: They still take time to reload!