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Great shooter, but little to do in the free roam

shadowrock528 | June 14, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

Let's clarify something from the beginning: Mafia II is a great game. It's quite long, has some amazing missions and a good story. The gameplay is good: You'll have many weapons and cars aviable (as long as you've got the money). Cars can also be tuned, to be able to escape from the police easier. The game is pretty realistic, wich is great for the free roam. It's not like other open-world games where you can just pass a red light or get over the maximum speed limit with no consecuneces. Here, if the police sees you commiting an infraction, they'll chase you. (you can opt to bribe them, but it is really expensive). Other realistic detail, for example, is that vehicles run out of gas, and get broken. Son if you spend to much time using the same car, you'll most likely have to go to a gas station to ask for a refuel, or if you destroyed the vehicle to much then you'll have to go to a mechanic (who can also tune your car and change yor plates if you need to). If you are in need of money, there's always the options to steal shops, but beware: some shops have guards dressed as civilians. Otherwise, it's a normal TPS. The sound is just great: the music you'll hear while you play (most of the times while listening to the radio on your house or while you're driving) is music taken directly from that period of time, which adds to the feeling that you really are in that period of time. The sound effects are also great. One cool thing is that in the radio you'll hear, as well as music, some news, which will tell you about "new inventions that allow you to change the channel on your TV without getting up" and things like that, which adds realisim to the game. On the graphics side, the game is good. Animations are ok, but the facial expressions are nothing special. The world and the vehicles are well designed, and overall is very good. In conclusion, MAFIA II is a great game, and if you like open world and like stories like "Good Fellas", then get it right away.