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Not at first, but then... WOW

shadowsora18 | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

I played the beta and hated it. My only reason: combat was too simple. Was I wrong? No. Was I warranted in worrying about that at lvl 12? No lol. Let me first explain why I was wrong and then I'll move on to some other basic things. I had made two big mistakes with my early judgement. First, I had been using the wrong class. During the phase of beta I was on, the only DoM (Disciple of Magic, ex: Thaumaturge, Conjurer, Arcanist (mage classes)) was Conjurer (cnj). As I played I was fully expecting a damage dealing class. This was completely due to my ignorance and my lack of research. I found out later that it was, in fact, the healing class. Second, level 12 is FAR too early to judge combat. It does start out simple and the 2.5 second global cooldown does seem like a huge waste of time, BUT, at level 30 I realized that I hadn't thought about that being an issue in dungeon/difficult content since I was level 20. The 2.5 second gcd even seems less terrible when you realize that you keep making mistakes because you are trying to fit all of your skills in as fast as you can with no time. Other things you should know before you buy: 1. This game does have a bit of grind in it currently. Each character can play all classes and they each level independently. This means that you have 8 fighting classes to level up. You would notice though that there is only enough varied content (quests) to level one character from 1 to 50 (current max level). There are FATEs (see RIFTs from Rift) and they are the best way to grind exp on your second and more classes. The crafting classes can be grinds as well but I'm not far enough to give a good explanation. 2. No PVP... YET! I believe PVP is coming out in the first major content patch which is supposedly coming out in a month or two. This update also has player housing and some awesome updates to current systems. 3. The community can be volatile. This is pretty common in MMORPGs but it seems that there are a few REALLY bad people roaming the servers. I haven't run into any yet. Most people believe they will leave after free trial period ends. 4. You can do EVERYTHING by only changing your weapons. This means that I don't get bored, because when I get bored I just change classes and level that one up for a bit. 5. It is sort of a beautiful game. It looks fantastic, though that is a personal opinion. They aren't even done yet as they plan on adding DX11 support in the near (hopefully) future. Hope this helps!