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Reus Certainly Is Giant

shamanrebus | May 21, 2013 | Review of Reus - PC

At first this game can only be seen as slow as it forces you in to a tutorial that can take from 40mins to just shy of an hour, this could be seen as damaging but in its fairness it teaches all the basic rules of the game very well. After the tutorial you will delve into a world of extreme strategy, at first it may seem very basic but as you become more confident with the game the strategy really comes to it own in a unique and fun way i personally haven't seen in a game. You have various choice to make like should i upgrade this giant or should i give this village more resources at the risk of making them greedy or other villages jealous. The longer the game is played the more options and powers you unlock making the strategy go even deeper for your next play through. The game has a quality polish that i would expect from a "AAA" game not an indie game, with such attention to small details like zooming in on your giants to reveal tired, battle scared creatures really does improve the experience. All in all this is a fun strategy game for all age groups and causal or hardcore gamers, and for the price your mad to miss out.