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Life-Sucking Isometrix Pixely Bliss

shinokorosha | Jan. 8, 2013 | Review of Towns - PC

I still remember the games of my childhood. I remember long hours spent playing things like SimAnt, SimTowner, and of course, SimCity 2000. Oh Maxis, you and the crazy things you had us do... I remember one particularly fun Amiga-based castle building game with loading times which by today's standards would be considred abysmal but which I patiently waited through time and time again to build bigger and bigger elaborate castles and villas. All this building and I never stopped to think about the people "inside" Those castles or buildings. Sure you'd hear about them in the paper-flashes that would announce things in SimCity but you never really got to hear/see anything about them in person. Sim Tower, similarly, let you learn about people ocupying certain rooms in your tower to an extent, be them peopel who work or live there. But it still felt kind of disconnected. Where do they go when they're not in the tower? Did new neighbors just move in? I wonder how they feel about that? Nothing really mattered. The ELEVATORS mattered, but not the people. This game gets it. In this game the HEROES matter, and your little town is there to draw them in, cater to them, and supply them with what they need to delve into that nearby dungeon. I remember playing "Holy Invasion of Privacy: Badman" and thinking "I wonder where all these heroes come from" as I built my dungeon. This game answers that question. Instead of being reverse-dungeon, or hero-based play, though, Towns is... Well it's Town-based Dungeon Adventuring! How. Crazy. Is. That!! Seriously. I love this game. Check it out if you like both Sim City and RPG, like most people who dig number crunching, you'll find this title to be your newest time sink.


A Family Game? ... Well I guess it is...

shinokorosha | Jan. 8, 2013 | Review of Avoid - PC

This is a really fun title. Who wouldn't like it? It's a geometry wars knock-off. Instead of having vectory-based enemies that are identifiable by shape, however, we have squares and color-coordination. Aside from the aformentioned lack of geometry (aside from squares) however there are two things which really make this game stand out from other robotron-style top down shooters of this type: FIrst: There's four player multiplayer! This is awesome since I love playing games on my TV with friends and I have a bunch of wireless USB game controllers! So this all works out! Playing this sort of game with other people makes it infinetly more fun than playing it solo ever would have been. Second: This game tries its hardest to promote itself as a family game. I have no idea why. I don't usually see "Family" in colorful top down shooter, but family could easily apply to anything with a PG Rating or a tame theme of blocks... There are plenty of games on this site, though, which could all go into the "Family" category. Just interesting to see this here.


Guilty Pleasure

shinokorosha | Jan. 8, 2013 | Review of Gear Grinder - PC

I know I shouldn't feel bad for liking a game that isn't popular, but I won't lie in saying that this game is almost exactly everything I'd want in a multiplayer arena-style driving game. Sure it's not the most original concept but it's the only one of its kind currently existing in what I'd call an underserved market. Problem is no matter how much I want to say this game is great, it does lack online play. It works with Hamachi and LAN obviously, but it could really use some servers. Oh Gear Grinder... I want to love you more! If only you were somehow more popular and less obscure so it didn't feel bad to love you so much :(