Reviews by shisho


The best side-scrolling Beat 'em up!

shisho | April 5, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage 2 - PC

Streets of Rage 2 is a side-scrolling beat 'em up. There are eight (if i have good memory ;) )stages in total, each with a unique theme. To progress through a stage you move left or right and you need to defeat all the enemies on the screen before ends of time. You pick one of the characters and the have their unique attacks and special moves. There are a variety of weapons you can use to attack enemies- like knives. Graphic is good, each stage is full of colours and detail. and characters look also good. If you likes games like this, you need to play SOR2.


Not so good old game

shisho | April 5, 2011 | Review of Super Thunder Blade - PC

In STB you control a helicopter and shooting to tanks and other military artillery from a back perspective. Graphic is old school, there isnt to much colors and animation is poor. Only the helicopter looks like a helicopter, Sound of flying helicopter is really fun. The best aspect in the game is controlling of the helicopter- you need to avoid crashing into buildings or smash into ground and helicopter can easily go out of control.


Good game

shisho | April 5, 2011 | Review of Mah Jong Quest - PC

Mah Jong is fun, addictive and very challenging game. Its hard to write something about it, because game might look ugly and boring, but when you start playing it you will find that MahJong is really good game. The various individual puzzle and layout modes are a great diversion, too. If you have few hours to play, you can sit down and relax with it.


Very interesting puzzle game

shisho | April 5, 2011 | Review of Big Kahuna Words - PC

Big Kahuna is underwater based puzzle game. You need to match pieces together- when you doing this, you break boxes. If you break all, you end level and go to another one. Game is addictive, fast and sometimes difficult. Graphics is good for puzzle game ans sounds match scenery very well. If you like games like this, you'll spend a lot of time with this game.


Good Shooter

shisho | April 5, 2011 | Review of Project Snowblind - PC

Project Snowblind started as a spin-off of Deus-Ex- it takes form it cyberpunk look. Its fast paced FPS with hordes of enemies and varied environments. Levels are small, there is a plenty of ammo on them so you dont need to take finger from gun, and only two enhancements are really usefull. Graphics is good. gameplay is fun, but to short, game is not to hard and if you like FPS you should try this one, especially if you like cyberpunk.


Standard Tycoon

shisho | April 5, 2011 | Review of Freight Tycoon Inc - PC

In game you need to build your own cargo transportation company. You need to choose vehicle type, suitable contract and have luck ;) Your need good managment skills if you want to grown your company. At start there are not to much goods, but with time there more contracts and you need to choose them quick and carefully.Graphic is good, music also,