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turn based strategy at its best.

shivam13 | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

yep, you read it right. the game is just awesome, from graphics to gameplay to campaign,all good. as i got this game free from gmg ang 2k games(thanks :)), i'm just loving it. right to start, the as the game is turn based, players have turn and in that turn have to manage several thing like military units,foods,supplies, taking over neighbour country, to make sure that the players civ grows better and faster. then after some round(games) end, or achieve the victory condition , then he wins. the ai is quite impressive in this game. then there are special persons which have some kind of bonuses. also, the graphics are really good and campaign is quite long. also there are several dlc's(brave new world and god & kings) which have new civilization and religins(ofc i'll buy it, in sale ;) ). also a good thing in civ in compare to previous civ game that to win, one must focus on goal "trees", where u have to complete like 6/10 objectives. so final words: if u didn't got this for free, buy it even in sale, a must play.


the dark knight

shivam13 | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

" just loving it" thats what me and my brother said when we played this game earlier today. i bought this yesterday night, and the game downloaded today morning, started playing right away and boy this game is one of the best i've ever played. story(mild spoilers): batman is taking joker to arkham asylum, and joker is silent, very silent.something is going to happen, but what is it?how it'll affect the arkham asylum?what is joker sinister plan? well for that you have to play the game graphics: game runs on modified unreal engine 3, and optimized well so that it plays great on my HD7770, on 1080p maxed out.the game looks good and atmosphere is spooky.also, some lightning effects will blow your mind, and you will say that this is not the game of 2009, but of 2013. music: here its is also master piece, as music spooks us very greatly in one of the levels, which i can't say because of spoilers. gameplay: game is third person action-adventure, with no guns(kind of). you take out enemies non-lethally, with main focus is melee fighting and combo moves(yessss). higher combo has advantages when upgraded.oh yes the game have an upgrade system, the points you will get wile defeating enemies will be used to upgrade certain thing for batman which will enhance your gameplay. also, there are tons of secondary mission and of course the riddler. also after you finish the game, there are challenge maps, which you can complete with different character skins. so, my advise= buy it while its still on sale + 25 % off coupon code :D, its worth thousand time than this.


just awesome!

shivam13 | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

so, i bought this long time ago but downloaded recently and playing now. now about the game, game has awesome story mode with co-op there are too many missions(haven't counted them yet as i'm still playing), so its long. also, the graphics are too cool and game is optimized well that my HD7770 runs it very smooth on 1080p. also, as four character classes, i can play game min of 4 times so its has great replayability, and with randomized item system(like diablo, torchlight etc), i can get many type of weapons(who doesn't love them?) and kill the npcs. also this have 1v1 pvp, which i tried and failed miserably(no really), so i need more practice. also, the soundtrack is good, not that great but suits the game completely. and GotY also have 4 dlc's which are quite good, and and the content they added for this price=priceless. also, the game is quite funny sometines so it'll make u laugh while you are shooting enemies. so, final words, just buy it. do not wait and be a vault hunter.