Reviews by shlevai


If you're into arcade space sims, buy it!

shlevai | July 19, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Pack - PC

If you're a fan of the more 'arcade' style space and flight sims that don't require micromanagement of the actual flying mechanics, if you're a fan of anime-inspired ship designs, if you're not bothered by a story that isn't overly complex(i.e. not a deal breaker if the story itself isn't epic, but moreso used as a backdrop as to WHY you're shooting things), and if you enjoy a linear gameplay experience; buy this game. The graphics are amazing, the game has been patched alot since release to fix the issues the community had with it; not to mention that it now supports Steamworks which means the sky is the limit for the modding community to take this game and meld it into any number of things. If you're on the fence about Strike Suit Zero(storyline) OR Strike Suit Infinity(Horde/Survival mode); I recommend just taking the plunge.


Makes a Great Experience Even Better

shlevai | July 4, 2013 | Review of Sword of the Stars The Pit MindGames - PC

The Pit by itself is a great game; particularly if you're a fan of rogue-likes and the lore of the SotS series. Mindgames increases the replayability by a great deal, the added characters, ability to store items found for your next playthrough, etc really lend well to giving yourself that extra nudge to push alittle further in your next game.