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One of the rare gem in racing genes in PC

shoyo10 | July 30, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

In the season where pc games is flooded with fps/ third person shooter games, Grid 2 is one of the few great racing games you can find in the world of PC games. It offer a sense of speed similar to arcade racing while required skill and technique of a simulation racing games. Both single player career mode and multiplayer mode offer good amount of contents to test your driving against various situation, like GT race course, time attack, drift challenge, overtake challenge, check point event and etc. Pros: Amazing graphic Realistic driving physics and control Global challenge provide new race challenge every week where you can test your skill against other players/ friends Great amount of contents to keep you playing for hours to come. Cons: AI or multiplayer can be frustrating due to collision physics. Both car selection and upgrade (multiplayer only) is quite limited. Some car model engine sound didn't really sound close to the original If you love or enjoy racing games like Forza (xbox) or Grand Turismo (PS) and want a similar genre in PC, then Grid 2 is the one you should try and you will not be disappointed.