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A Solid Team-Oriented FPS

silentthreat17 | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition NA Origin - PC

Nabbed this a couple months back for $20, and I daresay it was worth every cent. I've never been a real CoD fan, so I won't go around making comparisons, but to say that BF3 relies heavily on Team-Oriented gameplay, whereas CoD clearly doesn't, would be an understatement. Sure it is a load of fun to play by yourself, but the game really shines when you get a couple friends together in a squad, coordinating as a group. In my opinion, the Premium Edition is well worth the extra money as opposed to the standard BF3 pack. The added maps add a load of extra variety, most of which encourage team-coordination, which, when executed correctly, leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment that very few shooters are currently capable of. For fans of team-oriented gameplay, this is certainly worth a look. For everyone else, I'd still recommend a buy, but waiting for it to go on sale would probably be best. Pros: Amazing Visuals, Astounding sound effects, Great map and weapon variety and great teamwork gameplay. Cons: Server connecting can occasionally be a hassle. The game runs via OriginDRM, and uses Battlelog as the all-around multiplayer browser (personally I don't mind Battlelog, but Origin on the other hand can be a real pain at times.)