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A good game

simpkinscm | May 22, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Dishonored is a must for any fans of the 'Thief' games or anyone that is looking for a game were stealth is a major aspect. Sure you could run in guns blazing, but you can do that in any game. The one complaint I have about this game is playtime. I would have liked to see a more open world experience. While you are encouraged to explore each level to find different ways to finish the mission, the game has a very level segmented feel. Also the storyline is fairly short, and really leaves you wanting more. There is now DLC to expand on the experience, but looking at just the base game, finishing the game really leaves you wanting more to do.


Definitely worth it.

simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

Darksiders is an amazing game that seems to have flown under the radar of many gamers. The story is fairly solid and the characters are well developed. Though the environments are a bit repetitive at times, it’s not enough that it’s distracting since the different zones provide more than enough variety. Boss battles are varied and satisfying, and upgrades feel like they make a difference without making it seem that they are required to progress. Additionally the game provides enough of a challenge that playing through areas gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you are a fan of games like Devil May Cry, they I’d highly recommend giving this game a try.



simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

The Binding of Isaac is the best dungeon crawler I have ever played. Randomly generated levels and a laundry list of items and powers mean that the replay value is very high. Since it doesn’t take long to play each dungeon, it’s easy to play a quick game whenever. Just be sure to keep an eye on the clock, because more than likely, you will lose time in this game. The story is simple and funny though not for the timid as some of the themes may be a bit much for some. If you can handle it, I’d highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a bit of a challenge.


If you like Point and Click, give this a try.

simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of Scratches Steam - PC

If you enjoy point and click adventures you should definitely give this game a try. The puzzles are intuitive and the atmosphere is awesome. The locations you find yourself are varied, but still feel that they are tied together. Playing through, you really feel like you need to figure out what is going on. My one complaint is that this game has not aged well at all. And, no spoilers, but the end of the game invoke less horror and more humor, due to the dated graphics. I would recommend anyone who enjoys this genre of game to definitely give this game a try.


Don't bother.

simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of Dark Fall Lights Out - PC

I’ve always loved point and click adventure games, and having played the first, decided to give this a try. Playing through, I was rather disappointed in the atmosphere finding that any obvious attempt at a creepy vibe simply falls flat. Puzzle wise much of the game is as you would expect, however, I did find myself lost a few times at to where to proceed, only to that I was supposed to click something that was not at all intuitive. I wouldn’t recommend buying this game simply from that fact that once I finished, I felt less accomplished and more disappointed.


Something new

simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of World of Goo - PC

World of Goo is an original and challenging puzzle game. Working with limited resources, you have to find a way to get from point A to point B. A simple idea but very well executed. The levels are well designed and tell a story that is easy to follow, allowing this game to be enjoyed by young and old alike. Some levels will require a few tries to figure out, but not difficult that the player will become frustrated. The number of levels was surprisingly high providing plenty of play time to feel like you got your money’s worth. One negative against this game would be little to no replayability since once you solve a puzzle, you most likely won’t return to solve it again. Overall, World of Goo is an enjoyable puzzle game that I would recommend to anyone wishing to try a puzzle game that’s a bit different.


Still good, but lacking.

simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of BioShock 2 Steam - PC

I must say that compared to the original, Bioshock 2 is somewhat disappointing. The storyline is fairly bland and though you will find yourself traveling outside the protective shells of ‘Rapture’ the actual environments feel much more simplified than the first with the player only being as awed by their surroundings in specific areas, and feeling that some areas were simply ignored. Gameplay-wise, however, Bioshock 2 improves on the original in almost every way. With the player now able to use powers in one hand and a gun in the other, there is no more having to fumble between the two. Though Bioshock 2 is still a good game, it simply falls short of what it could have been.


Few games are this good.

simpkinscm | May 21, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

A must have for any gamer. The atmosphere is simply amazing and the controls are well done. The difficulty is low enough that most players will be able to finish it without too much holdup, but high enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re just strolling through the levels. The hacking mechanic is fairly original, having players complete a puzzle mini-game to hack various systems; though I did find this frustrating at times, since the randomly generated puzzles would sometime have no solution. My one negative about this game would be the Karma system. With the effect on the story being minimal, and the effect on gameplay being zero, you will not find yourself compelled to play through again simply to see the other ending. This should not stop anyone from trying this game as it only stops just short of perfection.


An amazingly fun game, but...

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

I love games that let you use your own music or content to power the game. As such I was very excited about this game and can now say that Beat Hazard is a very fun game. However there is one MAJOR problem with it. After only a few games/songs I quickly developed a headache from the shear barrage of flashing like. Even with the flashes turned down it is still a problem. I have tried playing this game 3 separate times and have been forced to stop each time. If you can handle the flashing lights, this game is A LOT of fun, however I feel I cannot play it anymore. For those that can’t handle the flashing, there is always AudioSurf or other similar games.


Rather disappointing

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Hearthfire Steam - PC

Hearthfire is major let-down as a DLC. Though the amount of added content is fairly large, the impact in the game was minimal. Personally, I feel that the customizability options are much less than advertised. Instead of being able to change a multitude of options, the customization is more boiled down to if you want a room and what side of the house it should. The internal decoration options are much larger, but I can’t help but feel let down by the actual home options. On a separate note, since the focus of Skyrim is exploration, having a house essentially acts as a place to store items you don’t wish to carry around. So the amount of time you spend in your house is essentially none. If the options for home design were much greater, I would have enjoyed being able to make my home look as I wanted it, however since this DLC is supposed to be about being able to do that, I can’t recommend this DLC to anyone.


The mods are what makes it.

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

The storyline of Skyrim is nothing new: ‘World is under attack, only you can save it.’ That is not to say that it isn’t done well. The story is engrossing and if you inclined, there are enough backstories to fill a library. These things alone would make this good; however, what makes this game amazing is the user-generated content and mods. Because of this, the game can essentially be changed to whatever you want it to be. Think potions are too heavy, make them lighter. Want to have a spell to summon a swarm of crabs, make it. Skyrim is an awesome game that will provide hours (possibly to many) of play time.


Best DLC so far.

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mr Torgues Campaign of Carnage - PC

Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is hands down the best DLC I’ve played in a while. Do not go into this DLC expecting the story to be in any way serious. The entire campaign is filled with comedy, and on more than one occasion, I actually burst out laughing at some of the dialogue. Besides the story, this DLC adds tons of new content and engaging boss battles. The multiple challenges and new vending machine (using tokens obtained mostly through challenges) give the player purpose behind wanting to complete them again and again. I would highly recommend this DLC to anyone who owns Borderlands 2.


Good, but not great.

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett her Piratess Booty - PC

Captain Scarlett & her Pirate's Booty is an all-around great DLC. It provides enough game-play and content to provide additional hours of play to an already great game. Personally, I found that the bosses in this DLC are both more difficult and more fun than the ones provided by the base game. One downside to this DLC is the story-line. Though I really enjoyed playing, I found myself disappointed by the lack of a real closure. That being said, there are still a lot of great plot points to this DLC. I would recommend this DLC to anyone looking to add to their play-time of Borderland 2.


Great Sequel

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA New - PC

I had some reservations about this game; but I was pleasantly surprised. Borderlands 2 takes everything that made the first game great, and added to it. One thing that makes this game great is that you can play it either solo, or with friends and the difficulty will dynamically scale with the number of players. Another important aspect in this games favor is that it is a sequel that someone new to the franchise can start playing and not feel like they are missing something; while at the same time continuing the ideas and story created in the original Borderlands. All around this is a great game that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of this genre of games.