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Puzzle storytelling at its best

sirgrummore | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons opens with the younger brother desperately trying to pull his mother back into a small boat on a stormy ocean before a strong current pulls her deep under water. Though there are no real words in this game, the impact of this event on the younger brother's life is surprisingly felt in the presented personality. Each brother interacts with the world in a unique way and each one has different strengths and weaknesses. As they travel across a diverse and imaginative landscape rich with beauty and fraught with peril, we are presented with an emotionally complex picture of this fantasy realm. The two brothers are questing toward a cure for their mortally ill father, and the brothers repeatedly confront tragedy beyond what most would encounter at their age. And these tragedies, from a man hanging himself at the edge of a battlefield to a town filled with frozen bodies in the street, are never so crudely sapped for their emotional value as many games where the rugged protagonist looks out over destruction as the camera pans over the scenery and sad music plays. It is merely part of the world, just as loss is a part of the lives of these two boys. The puzzles never get too difficult, but more than anything you're rooting for the brothers and you don't want the narrative to be too frequently interrupted with repeated deaths. I could go on for ages about the sound track and the pacing of different scenes in the game, but I'll let you see for yourself. This game is a triumph. Buy it.