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Mixed feelings

skellin | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified NA - PC

This is a new take on the XCOM franchise. The original was a turn-based action/strategy game, and its recent iteration, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a well-received revival to the franchise. This game, however, takes the franchise in another direction and different genre. Where you were a modern times in Enemy Unknown, here you are in the 1960s and XCOM has yet to even been formed. You play a character named William Carter from the CIA. The game starts as the aliens begin a full scale invasion of Earth or just United States, it’s never fully explained. You were tasked to carry a case that holds an alien artifact to Myron Faulke, the future leader of XCOM organization. And this is where I lost interest to be honest; the storyline of the game just isn’t as engaging as it should be. Considering that the original XCOM didn’t really have a story either, I feel that this iteration needed something to keep ahold of you and to keep you playing. The main tweak to this game from the original is that it is a third-person shooter; think more Gears of War or Mass Effect, where you and your squad of two have powers to unleash upon the aliens. That said, the combat gets dull just as quick as the storyline, your powers aren’t very interesting neither are your squad-mates powers, the different alien types are lackluster and don’t really instill fear in you, it’s a more “Oh, these guys again, OK.” sort of deal. I played on the second hardest setting and I blew through the combat and only died twice, so it is much more forgiving than it should be since you do not wear armor and you’re getting shot by lasers, you are wearing turtlenecks or suits the entire time how is that possible. To keep this short a quick recap, it has a boring storyline, repetitive combat and non-fill-you-with-dread aliens. Now the reason I did give it a 70 was due to the fact that I still had a bit of fun with it, with all the bad things I said about it I did have a couple tense moments, so play on the hardest settings if you play games regularly and you may have a good time.