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Good game with some issues.

skybane1239 | Feb. 19, 2014 | Review of Darksiders II - PC

First and foremost, this game is a good game. The combat is extremely satisfying and very fluid. More than enough variety to keep you entertained... most of the way. The game is actually fairly long, which on its own is not a bad thing. It is about twice the length of the first Darksiders. The main problem is that most of the length feels like padding. The game is extended by fetch quests within fetch quests. It can get repetitive and tiresome by the end. However! As I said, the game plays extremely well. It is very open and gives you the freedom to explore the world. The story is actually very good, as is the voice acting for most of the characters.The quality of the rest of the game can push you past the tedium that can hit late in the game. I hope for more games, though the future of this series is very uncertain. We can always hope.


Sleeping Dogs - GTA isn't so grand anymore.

skybane1239 | July 6, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Sleeping Dogs is a game that probably should never have been released. It had a lot of development trouble, and then the publisher decided to drop the game when it was originally a True Crime entry. Square Enix decided to pick it up, and I am glad they did. Sleeping Dogs is an open world action game set in Hong Kong. You can do all the usual activities, such as driving, shopping, playing mini-games, and shooting. However, they took melee combat to a new level by taking some inspiration from the Batman: Arkham series. It works extremely well in this setting and almost flows better than in Batman. They even threw in some free running segments to make the action a little more intense. Everything else controls very well, and there isn't a single part of the gameplay that falters. Not to mention, the PC "port" is absolutely incredible. I am not sure if the game was built on PC, but it certainly seems like it was. The game looks amazing, and there are a ton of options you can play around with in the menus. That includes being able to rebind all of the keys. Now, the story. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover police officer trying to infiltrate the Triad group in Hong Kong. Wei Shen is surprisingly likable. I personally liked him more than most protagonists in other open world series. There is also a great set of supporting characters that I won't spoil here. There isn't much negative to say about the game really. If anything, there could be more to do in the game. Short of finding the statues to give you new combat moves, there really is not a lot of side stuff to do. Having said that, the story does last quite awhile. A few of the missions an get a bit repetitive, and if you find the combat of the Arkham games dull, then you might have some trouble with the game. Either way, it is a great open world game that holds its own quite well with the GTAs and Saints Rows of this generation.