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Environment & Powers make the game

slowram | Nov. 23, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

In case you're in the same boat as I was I want to mention I questioned whether I'd enjoy this game. The text I read about the game sounded great to me, but the videos I saw turned me off the game and typically I find the videos more accurate. Once I got the opportunity to try it out I discovered my concerns were ill founded. The game's graphic style is amazing and it allowing you to chose how to use your powers and manipulate the world put this game in the running for one of my favorites of the year and I think this has been the best year for video games. I do think the $60 price tag was too much for the length of content (only because I'm cheap and expect to find a way to get new games at a hefty discount which I didn't find for this one when it first came out), if money isn't a big concern though the game content for the length is very good (the limited game time will be enjoyable). Also many people probably won't mind playing through again if not stealthing nearly everything the first time and you'll learn a lot about the powers you like and how to really manipulate the environment to your needs during your first play through. I've completed the game, which I can only say about the games I REALLY enjoy. Trying out the different powers on the enemies and environment is a real joy. First time possessing a creature and the first time it's a person is amazing. Then I did so many more times to just see what's capable when doing so. The ability to Leap/Teleport especially across rooftops is a blast and getting to view the enemies in the far distance. There are many tactics you can use and even abuse the world itself to bend it to work the way you want. I rarely felt like there were x number of clearly defined solutions for an area/problem because you can manipulate the enemy into chasing you, take them out, teleport to building tops, hide, etc. and totally disorient the location of the enemies on a mission. I felt like I could think and toy around discovering many possible ways to defeat enemies and get past them. If you like games that give you freedom in customizing your abilities and they being much varied and enjoyable perks, or if you like games where you can puzzle/toy around with the enemies and discover new ways to accomplish missions than this is a great game to get. Like the best of these versatile ways to complete mission games (not on rails), I never felt forced into falling into an outlined solution to complete a mission. Also for this type of game were you can sneak and hop around so easily I never ran into any scripting issues destroying the illusion of a real fantasy world.