Reviews by slun16


Must play game of the generation

slun16 | June 25, 2013 | Review of The Last of Us - PlayStation 3

This game has raised the bar for gaming. It has an amazing story, voice acting and gameplay. This is a heavy favourite for being the game of the generation. The story is amazing and you get to experience the brutality of human nature. Furthermore the story in conjunction with the setting gives you an unbelievable level of immersion into the game, its unbelievable how the game immerses you into believing you are actually there. The gameplay is realistic from the little things such as having to make your own medikits to the scarcity of resources making you think tactically. The only flaw I can see in this game is the companion AI, most of the time they are perfectly fine but on the odd occasions they aren't which breaks the immersion.


Amazing but flawed

slun16 | June 5, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

The story was great. It was expansive and really made my mind think about the story which is unusual in most games today. But there was parts that I felt was unnecessarily long winded and other parts that wasn't expanded enough (i.e. not utilizing the songbird more). The setting was beautiful, Columbia is jaw dropping. I could spend hours walking around Columbia exploring it, it was really fun seeing it in several states from pristine to overrun. Its a shame there wasn't more interaction with the actual setting beyond having gunfights and learning a bit of history of Columbia. But the major flaw is the gameplay. It just felt too repetitive. I could tell exactly when the next gunfight was coming and it always ended up the same way with me using the exact same weapons and vigors made this disappointing. If they forced you to switch vigors and weaponry it would have been more exciting as it would force you to utilize new weaponry. Another flaw is how the layout is always an arena (but I feel this is due to the limitations of this generation rather than a deliberate design choice) as such its not really openworld. These flaws doesn't detract from the fact this is one of my favourite games of this generation, its just this could have been a masterpiece if it removed these flaws.