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Mindless Fun

smooth_jazz | April 27, 2013 | Review of Borderlands - PC

While the game does a good job of combining the FPS and RPG genres and brings a unique art style to the table, it suffers from a lack of an actual plot. It doesn't suffer a lot from this, but it is a detriment.The random gun system works well and it is easy to find a weapon that matches your playing style. However, this does bring about another issue: each character has a set playing style. My first character was Mordecai the sniper, and he is only good with sniper rifles and pistols. I was fine with this until I found a good shotgun that I could use, but there was no way for me to upgrade it's abilities when I leveled up. This combined with the inability to give weapons to your other singleplayer characters made the game less enjoyable for me personally. It is still a lot of fun however and a great way to waste time.