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Should avoid, even on a huge discount

smoothie | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Chivalry - PC

Unless you have a burning desire to become a knight(and in which case you would already have this game), give this one a miss. The game is quite shallow and lacks any depth, and has the 'game mod' feel rather than an actual 'game' feel(as there's no content). Its basically a 'melee arena', you walk around(quite slowly), and just whack people to death. No objectives(apart from lackluster 'go A do X etc.'), no real team work(as the larger group will win every fight), theres nothing in there to spice up gameplay, like completely different weapons, classes or play styles (you have a choice of either repetitive melee weapons, or archers). The games fun for about an hour until you realise that it's just a bland 'melee arena mod' with the whole 'medieval knights and swords' novelty going on. It somewhat reminds me of 'Killing Floor', with the no content 'moddish' feel and no advanced game play elements to really draw you in. The graphic quality is quite good, however there are multilayer only games with equally as good graphics but with a lot more interesting and varied gameplay. eg. Natural Selection 2 $25 is a bit of a joke for what you get. Unless you're completely into the medieval times and love the 'ye olde tyme' theme, give the game a pass(even if it has a 75% discount).