Reviews by softwareo


Very enjoyable co-op

softwareo | May 23, 2012 | Review of Rayman Origins - PC

This really is a great game. Too bad the sidescrolling games are something from the past. They are great for spending time with your family. They are really easy to learn and even the young kids can play them. All these points match with Rayman Origins as well. The game was a very well done local co-op. You can play with 2 keyboards for example. I’ve played it with my GF and she enjoys the game just as much as I do even though she’s not a gamer. It’s the part of the fun actually to play with someone else. I don’t know if I would like to play the whole game by myself but together it’s so much fun that you just must get this!


Not great but still underrated

softwareo | May 23, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

In my opinion Duke Nukem Forever is a bit too underrated game. The expectations were probably way too high after the game had been in development for such a long time. Despite all the shortcomings of the game it’s still very enjoyable. I would say it could be really bad for anyone not have played the original game but for us older guys it’s sure brings back good memories. I still can remember when duke3d was the best game ever made :) The new version compliments the old one pretty well too. There’s nothing in Duke we haven’t seen before but if you did enjoy the original as a kid the it’s you duty to give this a proper try. You just might enjoy it as much as I did.


One of the best stories ever

softwareo | May 23, 2012 | Review of Mafia - PC

Mafia is a game with an awesome atmosphere and what comes to story telling it is one of my all time favorites. It may not be technically the best game ever made but the good definitely outweigh the bad. The game makes you feel like you are actually living the good old days. The music suits the game very well too. The only drawback for me was the driving really. There's just too much of it and it can get a bit boring. You can have hours of fun with Mafia. And when you're done you'll newer forget this game. I strongly recommend Mafia to everyone. After completing the game you should think about getting the sequel as well. It didn't get the best reviews but it's still an awesome game in my book.


Pretty nice DLC

softwareo | March 28, 2012 | Review of Renegade Ops Coldstrike DLC - PC

The Coldstrike campaign adds 3 new missions to the base game so there are much new stuffs to explore and blow up. Some new enemies are added but no new characters. For new characters you need the Reinforcements DLC unfortunately. The graphics are just as nice as they were in the base game. The enviroment is snowy this time and it does look nice. Other than that the game stays exactly the same. That's not a bad thing at all though. It's so much fun and pretty much one of the best old school games released lately. The DLC cost of 3.5€ is much better bang for your buch than the Reinforcements DLC but still quite high for my liking. In general I think it's not worth it to buy any DLC for any game but this game makes an exception. I would have liked it much more if these two DLC packs would have been combined into one DLC pack with a bit lower price . They both add something to the game even separately but are absolutely best when bought together. So I must say the same thing in this review also: Wait for them to be on a sale for at least -50% and get them both.


Not really worth 3€

softwareo | March 28, 2012 | Review of Renegade Ops Reinforcements DLC - PC

Renegade Ops: Reinforcements DLC only adds 2 new characters to the base game. While the characters are a welcome addition I feel that the price of 3 euro can't really be justified. The special abilities of these heroes differ enough from the those included in base game to alter the gameplay and add some replay value. The has a defencive ability and the other adds some firepower. For huge Renegade Ops fans this could motivate two additional play throughs but for other it's likely not quite enough. If you really like the base game then sure, buy this, but if you are just looking for something new to add you probably should at least wait until the DLC is in sale. The best deal you could do for yourself would in my opinion be to complete the base game first and if you still feel that you want some more buy this DLC together with Renegade Ops: Coldstrike DLC. This should give you plenty of additional gameplay for your money. Still I would advice waiting until they are on sale for -50% or more. At that point it's a decent deal.