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Fantastic Strategy ever!!

sokio | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Brave New World - PC

Have you ever played any turn-based strategy games? This is the best one since I became a gamer. From the idiom "Rome wasn't built in a day", It's not true after you play CIV5. Build Rome or other civilizations in 1 day (but I always spend 2 days in each games.), Conquer the world with nuke or "Gigantic Dead Robot" and Stealth bomber, Discover the ancient sites and collect artifacts, Meet the world greatest people such as L.Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Ludwig van Beethoven and many!!! Gather all wonders of the world and natural wonders in your cities. Don't miss this and you will shout the sentence - Give me back my time!!!! - out after playing this greatest turn-based strategy games ever!