Reviews by solear


Wonderful old game suitable for kids

solear | Feb. 13, 2014 | Review of Gobliiins Trilogy - PC

Gobliiins is one of the best retro adventure trilogies available in the market. The complexity of the puzzles are making your gears move even today as you try the possible combinations of the items you have. It is very rewarding when you finally got it right. Even so that in this world it is quite possible to use items in a completely different way then they were originally intended to be used. Somehow when you find the correct way / place to use them, all seems logical still (But as you play it for a while, more combinations will pop to your mind. You could use that coin there. Will that do something? YES!). The main reasons why I recommend this trilogy is that you don't need high language skills to understand it. Also you can play it along with anyone on the same computer giving each other ideas about what would go where. Especially with children this is much fun. The graphics are characteristic and give the trilogy a very distinct look, Sound is generated with speakers so don't expect much form it, but it is fitting the game very well.. Unlike the recent retro style games the Gobliins trilogy aims to keep you for long hours, and even advanced gamers find themselves looking for a guide when solving some less trivial puzzles. Also fun fact: the more "i" you have in the name of the game, the more Goblins you control in the game. I'll give it a score around 90, because puzzles can be sometimes quite hard, other then that I recommend the trilogy.


Classic gem, one of the best stories

solear | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Final Fantasy VIII - PC

The first time I played FF8 I was a kid. I grew up in an age when we just imagined most of the worlds that we played in, because the graphics were so pixelated and ugly, but for us, who played these games there was sunrise and sunset, and heroes fighting in a world full of danger and excitement. This is one of the main reasons I gave Final Fantasy 8 a exceptionally high score (I admit). If I want to be an honest reviewer I cannot overlook the outdated PS2 visuals. Hard to deny since everyone who plays the game for the first time usually feels a bit deceived (especially because Square Enix is known for not presenting a honest picture in their trailers). Dear not, fellow player. there's more to FF8 than meets the eye. The first thing that all the people I showed this game asked: Why is it so ugly? To tell the truth after a while I have not even noticed. All I remember of the game is the fight music that always makes my blood boil and sets my mind in instant focus. Even after hearing it a thousand times those tunes have something in them. Something insiring. I remember (me!) carrying Riona on a railroad. And the Lunar Cry. and fighting with Tyrannosaurs. The many places we explored. And the never-before-seen monsters we faced and defeated. And the clumsy main character who was in a sense very much myself. (I don't think there's a bigger praise for an RPG then this) I definitely want to convince everyone who see this to play this game. It takes time to get used to, but I personally promise you that it WORTH IT! I've read somewhere that this was considered one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time. And in other places that it is not. I believe that those, who play it and see through the graphics will find one of the best adventures they have ever seen in their life. Be warned, some systems in this game are complex. Takes time to understand them and plan with them. It has it's own terms and "terminus technicus". Old school RPG fans know what I mean. Card playing with regional rules? Yeah (included minigames).. You need strategy and preparation? Most definitely! How many hours do you need to play it through? A LOT! I believe with an average appetite FF8 will last for WEEKS. Romantic interests? I describe this game as "A love story (with swords and monsters)" Being over 30 years old, and a player since the C64 age, I'm very pleased with my decision in middle school when I gave this game a chance. Still in my top list of best games I've ever played (along with Fallout 1-2, Baldur's Gate 2+ToB, Icewind dale 1-2) From technical part this "remastered" version runs without any problem, on any configuration that is still operational today. No glitches, no bugs (Last time I played it for over a week for Playfire (payed) achievements, never crashed, runs perfectly). Very unique story, very unique world, very different from any other game. ..And very much recommended.