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The Stick of Truth Review

sonicasdfasdf | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of South Park The Stick of Truth Samurai Spaceman Pack (1) - PC

The games South Park - The stick of truth is a very good game - The DLC (Downloadable Content) improves the game play by far. The game would not be the same without it as it provides nice skins. But I wouldn't purchase the DLC's (Downloadable content) unless they were on offer. The game South park - The stick of truth it self is a very good game, So if you are going to buy this pack, make sure you have this game installed or it will be of no use. DLC - 6/10 Game (South Park - Stick of Truth) - 9/10 Worth buying!


The Red Solstice - One of the best games.

sonicasdfasdf | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of The Red Solstice - PC

This game is a tactical shooter game. I have played it on Early Access. As said it is a 8 player survival game. The game is very different to most games but similar to titles such as Big head Bash. This indie game is good and seems to be powerful. WARNING - Buy if your machine can handle low graphics from top of the range fps games(without lag!) Any ways after that I would say that this is a game worth buying. Rating 10/10 - Why? Because to me this game is valid, as in it is worth buying and keeping in your library.


How epic is CS:GO Really?

sonicasdfasdf | Aug. 23, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

CS:GO is a very good fps, compared to CS 1.6. Although CS:GO is the latest counter strike series, the game is worse than CS:S. Reason being is due to the game-play and additions. All retro fans will agree with me. Another reason why CS:GO is not the best FPS is due to the updates (Usually a good FPS would update a lot to keep out 'so called hackers' (aimbotters) but CS:GO barley updates. Rating 7/10 - Decent game! If you think CS:GO is a good top range FPS game then your right-wrong. I hope you enjoy this game, but in my experience I haven't