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Shooting and Looting

soth79 | April 28, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA New - PC

Like its predecessor, Borderlands 2 is a game about killing enemies and grabbing the loot from kills and chests. This time around, the story is stronger and kept at the forefront - the main antagonist taunting you throughout the game until getting the chance to kill him at the end is vastly satisfying. The talent trees add some nice choices, but as in the first game you will still only have one main activated ability. The humor is over the top and enjoyable even in the side quests which you'll have to avoid most of in one playthrough or risk overleveling, which can be a problem - as can leveling past friends you play with. That's where the game shines, my pick for the best multiplayer game in the past year, though only having one of the classes able to heal others is a downgrade from the first game, you can get by without one. The graphics are decent but not great, however the unique art style makes that moot as it's still quite pretty to look at it. Physx is implemented heavily in the game, so if you have an nvidia card you can experience all the flowing cloth and magnificent explosions it entails, it is optimized poorly though so expect slowdowns in framerate with the game maxed in heavy combat areas. All in all, this is my most played game on steam at over 300 hours, which is telling of just how enjoyable it is despite some of the flaws it shares with the first Borderlands.